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Interviewing the Interviewers ~ THE METAL SUMMIT

The Metal Summit, don’t let the name fool you. This show isn’t just about Metal Music, they are about music of all genres. As far as I know there is no webcast on Facebook Live like them. They are your Island of Misfit Toys, brought together to interview the artists related to the Rock and Metal. Each week a new guest is interviewed and you can watch it via Facebook Live. Anyone watching the live event can type in questions that they’d like the guests to answer. Fans who tune in faithfully have become known as The Metal Summoners. A high level of camaraderie goes on in the chat section and new friendships and partnerships have been forged. Each show is also uploaded to YouTube as another way to watch. A new guest announcement is made on their Facebook page every Friday for the upcoming Wednesday night show. I first found out about the show when a couple of the guys from the band Kickin Valentina were guests. I’ve been hooked ever since and haven’t missed one show. I’ve even gone back and watched all the previous episodes and can see how the show continues to make progress. So let’s find out about the hosts and what makes them shake, rattle & roll every Wednesday night at 9PM EST.


Angel Alamo is a music journalist and a self-proclaimed rock n roll freak who enjoys exploring new bands and life in general. Besides being a co-host on The Metal Summit he’s a columnist for Ballbuster Music writing stories and highlighting new bands. Angel is on Elements Media Networks where he hosts three shows On the Road with Angel Alamo, The Movers & Shakers TV Show Hosted By Angel Alamo in addition to Da Sports Update With Angel Alamo.

Angel graduated from Harcum College in 2012. When he isn’t doing rocking and rolling he enjoys spending time with family, visiting museums, and learning about history.

Angel does a great job manning all of The Metal Summit fan questions that are being asked during an episode. Some of the former guests who’ve appeared on the show have a large fan following and the comments section can get very busy at times.




Jay Oakley is a musician and horror enthusiast who has been an interviewer, music reviewer and photographer since 2010. A fixture and public figure of the Baltimore rock community, he’s as connected to emergent artists as to the icons of the eighties. His long-time favorite bands include Mötley Crüe, KISS, Lizzy Borden, Hardcore Superstar, Type O Negative, Crashdïet, The 69 Eyes and Black Veil Brides.

Jay is the owner of the website Just A Rock N Roll Junkie, co-host of The Metal Summit and tour manager for BLE (Brad Lee Entertainment). When it comes to interviews and working with artists it’s about honesty, respect and morals.

“The fans of The Metal Summit, The Metal Summoners, have given us everything. You owe your best to the people that love you the most.”

Jay is a good speaker who is able to segue from one topic to another so easily that you hardly notice the topic changed. He keeps The Metal Summit on point when it comes time to thank the shows sponsors and if the topic being discussed has a way of going off the rails a bit he’s there to bring the situation back under control.



Jay Oakley @justarnrjunkie



Bobby Dreher comes from a background in rock, jazz and classical music and defines himself as an instrumental/soloist guitarist with an unparalleled ability to combine solid, catchy songwriting with a keen melodic sense and technical styling of some top players of today and past. Bobby’s versatility has been showcased locally and abroad in concerts, festivals, as well as on his first solo album “A Once Upon A Time” and his latest album and EP “Ch.2 Finger Talk & Ho Ho Happenings“. He also had the honor to have shared the stage and worked with Mark Hudson, Earl Slick, Paul Stanley, Dicky Betts, Brian Wilson, Neil Zaza and numerous others. Bobby is a musician, producer as well as a painter of sound, surely to enlighten your heart and spirit. “Why just see with your eyes when you have ears?”

Besides being a musician Bobby also works in Doylestown, Pennsylvania at Bad Bunny Music, LLC as well as a Business Consultant with Bender Consulting Services recruiting and hiring people with disabilities for competitive career opportunities in the public and private sectors in the US and Canada.

Producer / Artist / Session Musician / Promotions / Radio Host of Hair’Em & Co / Host of The KISS Room / Photographer / Co-host of The Metal Summit

Bobby studied Digital Media / Music Production, Film Score at Montgomery County Community College. A special congratulations to Bobby who just graduated Summa cum laude from Montgomery County Community College Class of 2021 and can now add Sound Recording Technology Major to the degrees he already holds in Music / Jazz / and Composition from Bucks County Community College.

Bobby has an arsenal of guitars and memorabilia and you never know what he’s going to pull out to show The Metal Summit guests on any given episode. There’s a running joke with The Metal Summoners “Where in the World is Bobby Today?” This guy gets around and has done his episodes from places like Disney while on vacation.







Steve Prestup aka Psycho Steve started as a Club DJ. Pressing forward he then went to a small radio station which eventually became syndicated and followed that up with a move to a bigger station. After a period of time he went to SiriusXM. Steve did a show on Hair Nation and was the last person to interview Chris Cornell. He’s done voice overs for Howard Stern and various tv and radio shows. Years later he did a podcast called “Psycho Steve Presents…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” where The Metal Summit engineer Jason Perlzweig was his producer and occasionally co hosted.

Psycho Steve is literally a man of many hats. It’s always fun to see what he may be wearing on The Metal Summit. He’s been know to make us all hungry while he eats his dinner on the show. It’s fine, a man’s gotta eat. Steve’s able to bring an assortment of musical connections to the show through time spent on his former productions and podcast.


Coming Soon!





Jason Perlzweig grew up in the suburbs way back in the late nineteen hundreds. During the winters, he used to walk every day through many inches of snow to and from the bus stop to get to school. Jason’s love of music came from a time when he had no choice but to listen to music his parents listened to on family car rides. His father would play either his own music preferences ranging from Classical to Al Jolson to the Big Band era to oldies but goodies and folk music or Jason’s mom’s music preferences ranging from Motown to oldies but goodies or anything Phil Spector produced. It was because of Jason’s father blurting out random facts and questions about the music on the radio, that Jason has unintentionally gained plenty of unnecessary facts and knowledge about music history. That is, until he eventually found solace by physically learning and mastering music of his own, brought on by his own influences such as Nirvana, Korn, and Sublime. His brother used to refer to Jason’s early music creations as torturing rats, which led to Jason’s first pseudonym “A Tortured Rat.” Later, Jason studied filmmaking at New York Film Academy in NYC. With this knowledge, Jason went on to film music videos and live performances including “A Twisted Christmas” with Twisted Sister. Jason also produces independent films and has worked on a reality series about a music studio. To this day, Jason continues to enjoy documentaries and biopics about music related topics, but don’t ever watch with him, because he doesn’t shut up with his own comments and questions. Just ask his wife or his brother. With Jason’s love of all things music, and endless questions, he went onto his next journey producing the podcast “Psycho Steve Presents…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” followed by “The Metal Summit” as the Executive Producer and a Co-Host.

Jason is the man who keeps The Metal Summit’s ship running with his expert production and engineering skills. He’s a valued member of the show and helps in situations where the technical side of things can sometimes go a bit awry on the world wide webs information superhighway.









Kim: The Metal Summit show has been running for a little over a year, so about 60+ episodes?

Jay: The first Episode was March 4, 2020 and the guest was Ari Kamin lead singer of Steven Adler’s Band ‘Adler’s Appetite’. The Metal Summit just recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary which featured guest Jeff Pilson Foreigner and former Dokken bassist.

Kim: What inspired the idea for the show?

Jay: Myself, Steve Prestup and Max Ash ran into each other at M3 in Baltimore, MD. They all in their own right were interviewing festival players and all knew other members of the press community like Angel Alamo and Bobby Dreher. We all had a round-table discussion based around M3 and the M3 Summit was the original name picked out for the new show.

Kim: Jay stated that around Episode Number 10 it was decided to re-brand because M3 was on hold due to Covid-19. We shall let Jay take the bragging rights of coming up with the new name for the show which would now be known as The Metal Summit. He wanted to capitalize on the hashtag #TMS because people are familiar with VH-1 Classic’s talk show That Metal Show hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine who interviewed musicians from the hard rock and heavy metal genre from November 2008 to May 2015.

Kim: When the show first started out as the M3 Summit one of the hosts was Max Ash aka Max D and it appears he stayed on through 19 episodes with Joey Allen guitarist from Warrant being his last hosting gig with TMS on July 8, 2020. What was the reason Max departed from the show?

Angel: Max D decided to leave the show stating personal reasons mostly involving concentrating on his family time.

Kim: How do each of you hosts know each other and how did you all decide who would be the hosts for the show as well as the sort of different roles you all have taken within the structure of it?

Angel: Max D knew everybody. Personally for me it was through Steve’s friend. It happened naturally.

Jay: For myself it was Max D and Steve. Jason came into the fold through Psycho Steve. Jason’s the technical guru but also a guitar player into surf-rock style. Angel’s a drummer, I’m a bass guitar player, Bobby is a guitarist and Psycho Steve is not a musician but heavily involved with the music business through his shows.

Kim: What type of planning goes on ahead of time with each creation of an episode and can you walk us through the initial point of contact with a guest when booking as well as the interactions throughout leading up to the shows start time?

Jay: Each host has access to everything through a group calendar as well as communicating through Facebook Messenger. I’m the dominant Social Media person for the show. Each host can put stuff on the calendar and whoever got the guest will be the presiding person to reach out and confirm dates, etc. so not everyone is trying to contact the guest. When it’s showtime a group email is sent out to all the hosts as well as the guest to connect via the Zoom App.

Kim: What happens after the ending credits roll, for example, do any of the hosts stay connected for a bit with the guest and what do you talk about?

Angel: Jay and I stayed on till 1:00 AM with one guest!

Kim: The show has had some great guests, a real medley of different talents each unique in their own way. Who has been your favorite guest so far and why?

Angel: Kickin Valentina and Lonnie Hammer of Hammer Down Hard.

Jay: Michael Vampire singer of Dead Girls Academy and Jake Pitts of Black Veil Brides. Raven of Raven Black a guest who has appeared twice on the show and Mark Hall and Janet (Lizzy) Romano of Rocknhorror Apparel and a TMS show sponsor.

Steve: Hal Sparks

Jason: If I had to choose a guest on TMS who made me forget we were interviewing them, I’d say Terry Ilous, the singer of XYZ. He came across as a very likable and down to earth type of person who is very easy to talk to and get along with.

Kim: My favorite show actually didn’t have a guest. Haha. It was the Remembering Eddie Van Halen episode and I actually just enjoyed it because I got to hang with the hosts and comment and ask questions. I even had the guys figure out a trivia question about Eddie. Jay got that answer! It was really fun despite the sad occasion. Another episode highlight for me was when Kingdom Come and Burning Rain frontman Keith St. John personally commented a few things to me thanking me for tuning into the show.

As a side note, Jay mentioned that the first time TMS ever did YouTube Live no one was watching. So that was a one and done. TMS is sticking with Facebook Live for now but in the future would possibly consider switching to a live setting through YouTube. They would like to have more people subscribe to their YouTube channel so be sure to visit their page through the link provided towards the end of this interview and hit that Subscribe button.

Kim: Personally who would be your ultimate guest to have on the show if you could get anyone?

Angel: One for me would be Mick Jagger.

Jay: Nikki Sixx and Lizzy Borden.

Steve: Gene Simmons, Dimebag Darrell or my Belated Grandmother.

Jason: Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get certain people that I’ve looked up to over the years, for example, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Bradley Nowell of Sublime.  As for someone who is currently alive, I would have to say Sir Paul McCartney, this way I can ask him if he remembers being interviewed by Chris Farley on SNL.

Kim: Who’s a guest you really wanted on the show but they declined?.

Angel: None for me so far.

Jay: American heavy metal band frontman Lizzy Borden and following that Cherie Currie of the Runaways and Acey Slade of the alternative metal band Dope and the horror punk and glam metal act Murderdolls. However, both Cherie and Acey may be considered separate possibilities as future guests.

Kim: What’s the wackiest moment that has happened on the show so far?

Angel & Jay: Our co-host Bobby Dreher.

Steve: Ron Keel busting my balls. You can watch Episode 20 on YouTube to see what happened!

Kim: If Covid-19 had not been a reality do you think the show would have ever been set in motion?

Angel: Yes because the show started one week before Covid hit the US.

Jay: If Covid had not happened the show may not have re-branded the name. Also it may not have been a Wednesday night show as well as being able to lock-in such a fan base and guests who were confined at home.

Kim: Once restrictions are lifted and people will begin to get out more and aren’t necessarily staying at home as much, do you anticipate continuing with the show and do you expect viewership to remain as well as being able to secure guests?

Angel: Yes since the show is on a Wednesday evening we believe it will be fine keeping the viewers engaged and also attaining guests with no issues.

Steve: Yeah, I’m Psycho Steve. Everyone except my ex wife lol.

Jason: One aspect that played a big part in securing guests, was everyone became readily available and being able to connect remotely thanks to the internet and video conferencing platforms. Now that venues are opening back up for live shows, we still will continue to secure guests, but we would be able to incorporate in-person interviews, whenever possible.

Kim: In August some of The Metal Summit hosts will be attending Rocknpod in Nashville, TN. What does the show hope to accomplish from this event?

Angel & Jay: We want to meet our former alumni as well as see friends and expand the audience. This trip will involve networking in order to obtain stronger syndication for the show and new sponsors.

Kim: What does the future look like for the show and is there anything you want to change or do differently with any aspect of it?

Angel: Future is looking great and we want to get more people watching.

Jay: We’d like to keep the same format of a live video show and aren’t interested in just audio which would be the case if TMS was picked up by a radio station.

Steve: More exposure, bigger guests, more fans and potentially be on a tv channel.

Jason: I think the future of TMS looks very promising. As projects and ideas move forward, the mold changes over time. I am a strong believer in change for the better and I know we all endure any obstacles that come our way. If anything comes our way that may affect any aspect of the show, we all discuss it as a team. We all make suggestions or provide constructive criticism.

Kim: To show their support, when will fans of the show be able to purchase TMS merchandise?

Jay: It’s possible merchandise will hopefully be available soon. We’re looking into a Patreon. For those not familiar, a Patreon is an American membership platform that helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers.

Kim: Who came up with the creation of the graphics for the intro to The Metal Summit show?

Jason: With the exception of the shaking logo, I created the intro sequence, then presented it to the team. The shaking of the logo was set in motion by the previous Executive Producer, Max Ash. We all thought it was a great staple, so I recreated it, when I joined the team. I used the Final Cut Pro software to recreate the shaking of the logo.

Kim: Where did the intro music come from?

Jason: It was concocted somewhere within the right side of my brain. I then wrote it down, recorded it, and shared it with the team. Everyone liked it, so we moved forward.

To conclude, I’d like to thank all the hosts of The Metal Summit for making time to interview with me. I’m thrilled about the possibilities of the future for the show. Fans please support by tuning in every Wednesday night at 9PM EST via Facebook Live and don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel as well.


Find them on Facebook at:


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The Metal Summit is proud to have wonderful sponsors such as the following. If you’re interested in a sponsorship with the show send TMS a message via Facebook for more information.


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Join their Group Page on Facebook at:



Owned by Mark & Janet (Lizzy). We live and breathe rock and horror. Entertainment or Death. RockNhorror!

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A special shout-out to The Metal Summit Mascots who make cameo appearances on the show from time to time –

Jay’s children (cats) Motley & Nyx

Steve’s dog Dimebag Darrell and cats Korbin Dallas and Veruca Salt

Horns up to the best Fans in the world ~ The Metal Summoners ? ?

The hosts of the show thank you for your continuing support and love!

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