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Much like my write-up last month regarding the band Roxy Blue and their triple state mini tour, it was once again a multiple day adventure for those willing to travel around a bit. This months main talent was none other than the Atlanta based national act Kickin Valentina. They began their first night’s performance in Hallam, PA at the TOURIST INN along with opening bands UNDERCOAT and DEFIANT. I wasn’t able to get to this particular show but reports from some of the loyal KV Mob Fans all seem to concur that a good time was had by those in attendance.



Local band out of York, Pennsylvania

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High Octane Hard Rock band from South Central Pennsylvania

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Loud unapologetic rock n roll from Atlanta, Georgia

You can check out more about the band including where to follow them on social media further down in the story.

TOURIST INN Hallam, Pennsylvania ~

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I flew in from Raleigh, North Carolina to Baltimore, Maryland and then later in the day myself and a friend took a drive to Wilmington, Delaware to catch Kickin Valentina’s second consecutive night playing. This time the show taking place at BARXIII DELAWARE ~ Home for Unique entertainment, Strange people and Live Music. This was my friends first time seeing Kickin Valentina live and they put on a great performance as I knew they would! A fair amount of the KV Mob was in attendance for this show and it’s always great to catch up with those folks whenever possible.

The bands on the bill for Saturday night in Delaware all had exceptional performances. I was able to have a few good chats with some of the members after their gigs. A big thank you going out to Rat Rod’s Lead Guitarist Mark McCarty who I had the pleasure of meeting and just wanted to acknowledge his kindness of comping me a couple of his bands CD’s. Great stuff! Please check them and all the other bands out using the links I’ve provided when you get a chance.


A 4 piece hard rock/metal group based out of south Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October Black’s sound has the structure and darkness of bands like Seether, Godsmack, or Foo Fighters, but with the edge and power of Iron Maiden, Van Halen, or Metallica.


Jordan Allen: Lead Vocals

James Angelucci: Lead Guitar

Dano Dawson: Bass Guitar

Rob Collins: Percussion

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Does anybody remember rock and roll? Rat Rod does! They play rock and roll the way it should be.” Rat Rod has been around since 2016 with 3 albums presently under their belt. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you’re not going to find many ballads here because they want to make sure you don’t forget how to rock. Boogying, belting out rock tunes and blazing the way for some screeching top speed, slick and customized primarily original compositions.


Mike Smith: Vocals

Mark McCarty: Lead Guitar

Brice McCarty: Rythym Guitar

LJ: Bass

Harry Rosa: Drums

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“We make Rock ‘n’ Roll for people that need it. Zenora is an original rock band bringing an explosive fusion of hard rock attitude with mathematical precision and prog rock underpinnings.” This young band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania all between 20 and 23 years old exhibited moxy and flair during their set. The lead singer definitely had the finesse to handle the show attendees. Original songwriting with awesome hooks I can honestly say this band is up and coming. The band previously released their self-titled EP back in March of 2020. They have a new EP called “BRING BACK ROCK N ROLL”


DYLAN GRAFF: Lead Vocals/Guitar
NICK SHUTE: Lead Guitar

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You can purchase Zenora’s previously released self-titled EP and new EP Bring Back Rock N Roll on their website.

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Still basking in the glory of their latest album released back in January of this year. “THE REVENGE OF ROCK” continues to enjoy airplay as well as provide enough sustenance to keep the fans hungry and seemingly wanting more. Due to Covids slap in the face the band was forced to cancel or postpone their overseas gigs that would have been going on right around this time and throughout the rest of the summer months. Kickin Valentina does however have several shows lined up for the future albeit in the States for the time being. A particular one I’m excited about attending will be a July show in Atlanta with Kickin Valentina, Faster Pussycat and Enuff Z’Nuff. KV are also throwing in a Nashville show the day before so looks like the KV Mob will be busy making travel plans for that weekend ahead.

BARXIII DELAWARE in Wilmington, Delaware ~

We are Delaware’s Home for Unique entertainment, Strange people and Live Music”

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The second installment of BLE PRESENTS SEASON ONE SUNDAY SHOWCASE SERIES took place on Sunday, May 23rd once again at The Original Cancun Cantina 7501 Old Telegraph Rd Hanover, MD. On Saturday, May 15th as a result of the state’s rapid pace of COVID-19 vaccinations and subsequent declines in key health metrics, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced the lifting of all capacity restrictions on outdoor entertainment and indoor entertainment venues and conventions, and all remaining restrictions on indoor and outdoor dining. Straight Outta Covid!! The BLE Promoted Sunday Showcase Series Volume 2 was toted as a free show as long as pandemic restrictions remained in force. Despite the executive orders now being lifted a little over a week before this show actually took place the promoter kept his word and concert attendees enjoyed a free show as promised. Happy faces once again enjoying open spaces! With temps in the 90’s the tropical beach themed area located just outside the venues open air doors was a welcome setting to get some sand in between your toes and a little Vitamin D on this sunny day.


Connecticut based band pays tribute to 2 legendary bands. Led Zeppelin and Van Halen. Alternating between two musical opposites didn’t seem to bother these guys and they were able to ramble on and keep us dancin’ the night away. High energy set with great vocal range exhibited by lead singer Andre Vanchot. Guitarist Billy DiNapoli pulls double duty also performing in the band Wild America.


Andre Vanchot: Lead Vocals

Billy DiNapoli: Guitars/Vox

Bob Ambrose: Bass/Vox

Arnie Couzzo: Drums/Vox

Stairway to Halen’s setlist:

01. Runnin’ with the Devil

02. Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love

03. Immigrant Song

04. Atomic Punk

05. Ramble On

06. Good Times Bad Times

07. Hot for Teacher

08. The Ocean

09. Unchained

10. Dance the Night Away

11. Eruption

12. Whole Lotta Love

13. Panama

14. Somebody Get Me a Doctor

15. Rock and Roll

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So they hit a deer on the way from their home base in Kentucky to the show and ended up totaling their band van. Unfortunate as that was, luckily no injuries were sustained, well at least involving the human component of this situation. Being young and vibrant they overcame the bad luck and put on a tremendously good set of 70s influenced hard rock. From the very first song that vocalist Ashton Blake performed I could tell these guys were going to be good. Native Sons have recently put together a new lineup and are currently playing out in support of their debut album “THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS”

Ashton Blake : Vocals
Michael Bowman: Guitar
Travis Meredith: Bass
Brett Siples: Drums

Native Sons setlist:

01. Silver Lining

02. Had Enough of Me

03. Here and Now

04. Monster

05. Master of My Fate

06. Full Circle

07. Crazy Enough

08. One Another

09. Peacemaker

10. The Key

Find them on Facebook at:


Help support Native Sons who hit a deer and totaled their band vehicle on the way to the show this past Sunday. Here is the link to offer what you can:$NativeSonsBand?fbclid=IwAR2BJwCNyEBIf89LOHqAwD6R-Dxd-I4OKLq2IHe1_tRcGAL6wPXdAvAqByA


Wild America’s mission is to keep that old school sound we all grew up with alive and well. While the industry is running away from the glory days of the arena rock band sound, Wild America is gladly strutting towards it!” Performing original material, this past Sunday’s performance presented quite a few songs off the 2018 debut album, “GASOLINE.” Roy Cathey who’s band SteelCity was also on the bill to perform this same night joined them for their song “Stronger” which covers the issue of the pandemic and what’s been going on in the world over the last year. Basically a song for the medical professionals and cops… people that were on the front lines of this pandemic. Guitar driven in your face, loud, kick-ass live performance by Wild America! Sometime in August of this year Wild America should be releasing their sophomore album titled ”OLD SCHOOL COOL”


Billy DiNapoli: Lead Guitar, Vox

Joe Labbadia: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Steve Wovkanech: Bass, Vox

Arnie Cuozzo: Drums

Wild America’s setlist:

01. Long Road

02. Love ‘Em/Gone

03. Something Inside

04. She Will

05. Sometimes Love

06. On the Outside

07. R U Ready

08. Good Woman

09. Gasoline

10. Rock Star

11. Is Anybody Listening

12. Stronger

13. What’s Your Name?

Find them on Facebook at:




5 guys with 1 goal. Sweaty, Dirty, Ballsy ROCK AND ROLL! They took to the blacktop rolling in from Atlanta, Georgia and played an unwavering set to a crowd of sticky attendees due to temps in the 90’s. Like the smell of asphalt and desire, gasoline and dreams, the band kicked it into overdrive and performed at full throttle. Ashpalt Valentine digitally released “Twisted Road” to all the popular streaming and subscription formats back in March of 2020 and I received word from one of the band members that a hard copy of that will hopefully be available soon for purchase.

Joe Flynt: Vocals
Evan McKee: Lead Guitar
Brett Ciaramella: Guitar
Scott Clark: Bass

Brian Jung: Drums

Asphalt Valentine’s setlist:

01. Livin’ Dreams

02. The Only

03. Something More

04. Bullet

05. Ooh La La

06. Saving

07. I Don’t Care

08. Rain

09. City of Halo

10. Love and Gone

11. Twisted Road

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Here’s their digital album “Twisted Road” on bandcamp:


The band states their from all over the United States. This past Sundays show was a special one for them as it was their very first show as part of the BLE family under Brad Lee Entertainment’s BLE Artist Services. MACH II is their newest disc from back in March of 2020. Many of the songs performed at this show were from this guitar driven hard and classic rock influenced release. As well as SteelCity, lead vocalist Roy Cathey has performed with Cold Sweat and The Fifth. A shoutout to Roy who just recently celebrated his birthday… hope he had a good one! Official drummer B.J. Zampa’s duties were taken on by former Great White drummer Derrick Pontier on this evening. It was clear that each musician has accumulated a vast understanding of their instrument and were able to hold the attention of the audience. Looking forward to seeing SteelCity perform at more events.

Roy Cathey: Lead Vocals
Mike Floros: Guitar
BJ Zampa: Drums

Tony Stahl: Keyboards

Jason Cornwell: Bass

Jason is formerly of the Eric Martin band and current Frontiers music artist with West Bound. West Bound are a hard hitting new rock band formed in the LA area by vocalist Chas West (Resurrection Kings, ex-Bonham, Lynch Mob etc.) and renowned guitarist/producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Tribe of Gypsies). With a lineup completed by Jimmy Burkard (guitar), Jason Cornwell Eric Martin Band (bass), Dave “Chilli” Moreno (drums), and Stephen LeBlanc (keyboards) the guys offer their take on the classic hard rock sound with soulful vocals and killer melodies.

SteelCity’s setlist:

01. Turnabout

02. Hearts On Fire

03. Dead Men

04. Heart And Soul

05. The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover)

06. Give It Back

07. Spotlight

08. Do You Love Me

09. Steal Your Heart

10. Wasted Time

11. She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult cover)

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A few technical problems with equipment and a small start time delay didn’t hold much of an issue but did leave the frontman D.k. Revelle stuck with a wired microphone for their set. Perhaps hard for him because I know from personal experience after seeing Kickin Valentina perform many times now that D.k. likes to really move around during his performance. With help from the stage manager though the show was still as good as it’s ever been. The crowd bum-rushed the stage as soon as the yellow caution tape sanctioned for the media was taken down and you could feel the energy of the room take over. This band always gets the crowd going. You can’t really not move when KV’s tunes are being directed at you. If you didn’t know the lyrics before you came you’ll definitely know most of them as you become one with the KV Mob who are always loud and proud to belt them out. Their latest album THE REVENGE OF ROCK is where most of the songs for this evenings performance came from. The guys in Kickin Valentina are still getting good response from this new release and all of the fans are still equally excited about it and ready to rock out at more upcoming shows. I know I already have my tickets to some of those shows. Great time had by all, can’t wait to do it again real soon!

D.k. Revelle: Lead Vocals
Heber Pampillon: Guitar
Chris Taylor: Bass
Jimmy Berdine: Drums

Kickin Valentina’s setlist:

01. Sweat

02. Freakshow

03. On My Side

04. Easy Rider

05. Rat Race

06. Somebody New

07. Heartbreak

08. Looking For Me

09. Alone

10. Turns Me On

11. War

12. End of The Road

13. The Revenge of Rock

14. Get Ready

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Kickin Valentina ~ “The Revenge Of Rock” was released January 22nd, 2021 on LTD red LP, CD & digital.

Order CD here:

Order LP here:

Digital only here:

Denim N’ Leather column unfortunately will have to skip out on next month’s Sunday Showcase Series Volume 3 due to work commitments but will resume coverage for the SSS Volume 4 show in July at a new location in Maryland featuring another national act along with supporting bands.


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Brad Lee Entertainment is based upon the simple ethical values which encompass both integrity and class.

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This is a group run by the team at Brad Lee Entertainment, LLC! This is a meeting place for enthusiasts to debate and educate others on their musical taste, opinions, and prowess.




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Special guests included 97 Underground Baltimore’s Best New & Classic Pure Rock 24/7/365 Streaming Worldwide Commercial Free!

It was a pleasure meeting Radio Hosts Derek Noyes, Karen the Metal Mistress, The Phantom and Byron Slade who conducted live in-person interviews with the bands during the event.

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At Work/Desktop:

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Photo Credit (Kickin Valentina): Ken Scheper Photography

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