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Bob Dee with Petro Rocks New York City

Finally rock music has come back to the electric bowery in New York City. This was a hometown show for Sony Music recording artist Bob Dee with Petro and the band put on an electrifying show that was worth the 15 month wait. Bob Dee with Petro was originally scheduled to perform on March 10, 2020 the show had been postponed. Bob Dee with Petro didn’t disappoint fans they played an excellent show. The band made sure to play fan favorites and also performed two songs from the Stun Gun EP.

You could definitely tell that the band was ready to rock. The chemistry  in the band is simply amazing. If you were there you would have thought they had already done a few shows.   They had  promised a killer set. The band delivered on their promise and rocked every song like there was no tomorrow. The show featured two songs from Stun Gun EP released January, 2020. Down and Monkey on my back made their live debut. The songs fit in nicely on the set.

 The fans were happy to be out having a good time. As a fan it was good to hear the songs from Stun Gun live. Stun Gun is an excellent EP if you haven’t bought the EP definitely go to his website and buy his EP and buy a shirt or any merchandise as well.

Live music is back. Be safe go out to see a rock show when you feel safe when you do buy a ticket and merchandise to support the bands.

For more information on Bob Dee With Petro check out their websites:

Bob Dee With Petro | Facebook

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