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Thorns Inside: For The Love of Rock N Roll album review

Thorns Inside released their new single Two Face the song has a memorable guitar riff which is always a cool thing. The album is called for the love of rock n roll. A great title for an album considering how the album showcases how their ability to give fans variety and show they can rock also make a great. Don’t throw our love away is a great title and one of the best mid-tempo rockers. The band could have slowed it down and made it a ballad who knows maybe down the road. The album, much  like today’s rock music in general, doesn’t try to fit in with what’s on the radio.

The album sees the band being true to themselves and who they are as musicians. The album gives you 12 great hard hitting songs with no fillers. The band may have taken three years to deliver another band they made sure to make it worth the wait. This is an album worth buying and taking the time to listen to all 12 songs. Every song rocks. The band seems to be hitting their stride. 

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By Angel Alamo

Angel Alamo was born and raised in Camden NJ he has been doing journalism for 8 years. Angel hosts the movers and shakers TV show and on the road with Angel Alamo.