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David Lee Roth a lil’ ain’t enough final show October 10, 2021

30 years ago David Lee Roth released a little ain’t enough album. In the video for a little ain’t enough we see David Lee Roth doing something no other artist did in those days he made the announcement of his final tour in the best way Diamond Dave could. October 10th 2021 to be exact as doing the final tour and playing the final date at Anaheim Stadium.

Back then 2021 was so far away. Most of were not looking that far ahead. Now here we are October 10, 2021 there is no final show tonight in Anaheim, CA. Earlier this month Diamond Dave did announce the five shows in Las Vegas would be the final shows. There is reason to believe that these are going to be the last shows for Diamond Dave. We as fans should look at these last five shows If you are going to be attending as a celebration of the legacy that diamond Dave is leaving on music.

Diamond Dave is an entertainer who entertained us throughout the years as a larger than life persona and inspired others along the way. There is nothing new about Diamond Dave that I could say that hasn’t been said already. He never sang a power ballad he made sure to give fans their money’s worth and gave us moments to laugh at even in interviews. He was part of our childhood memories and inspired others in the process.

Since 1978 he has brought the party to town with every show he has done. The final show Saturday January 8th 2022 it’s already sold out. Tickets to remain for the other four shows and if you want to hear the classic Van Halen songs from David Lee Roth this is your last chance to hear them. The most important is to celebrate his music and lasting impact he has on rock music. 

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By Angel Alamo

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