Having endured over 20 years, the first new album in more than three years, “The Sum Of All Things,” released July 23rd, 2021, is the eighth studio album for Tantric.

The veteran producer Chuck Alkazian (Chris Cornell, Sponge) produced it. Hugo Ferreira’s deep tone and overall vocal harmonies, the crisp guitars and piano, poetic lyrics, and memorable melodic hooks are here. A bit more snare would have felt like the drums were not overproduced, but for the most part, the tracks were not suffering from overly compressed quality. After a few times listening, I was able to pick out songs I felt had more meaning. ‘Down and Out’ was initially released in the first quarter of 2008 as the lead single from their third studio album titled The End Begins.

The album version of Tantrics “The Sum of All Things” gives you one more track than the CD with ‘Whiskey and You’ mixing it up a bit and offering an ingredient of some country for variety.

Standout tracks include:

  • Track 2. WALK THAT WAY ~ Spiritual with hypnotic splashes of techno effects
  • Track 6. TAKE ME I’M BROKEN ~ Solid beats and heavy riffs accompanied by solid vocals
  • Track 8. COMPOUND ~ Rhythmic song together with a good groove and shredding guitar

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By Kim Sullivan

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