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Featuring Phil X & Drills, plus Bob Dee with Petro Idolmaker, Also The Metal Summit: Episode 100, with Kenny Aronoff Talks The Boys!

Phil X & Drills to release new album

Bon Jovi guitarist and frontman for Phil X and The Drills appeared on the Metal Summit to talk about his career, playing at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, answering fan questions, and giving advice to a young fan who picked up a guitar because of him and shared some fun stories. One of the questions that were asked was about the next Phil X and the drills releasing any new music. The band is working on mixing the next project for a release next year. “The plan is to tour, and we will see what happens”. Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres played one of the songs for the upcoming album. No official release date has been announced yet but fans can expect to hear more details next year as they become available.
As far as Bon Jovi hitting the road. Phil X did announce that Bon Jovi would be going on an arena tour in 2022 no dates have been announced as of press time.

Bob Dee With Petro Idolmaker Review

idolmaker cover art

Bob Dee said “This time I wanted to give the fans a few rockers “Baby” & Steppin Stone” and a few pop songs “Kissed By The Light of the Moon” &” Ghost In My Pocket” and for the first time I wrote a piano ballad and wrote out the string parts with just piano/strings and my vocals called “Lost On You”

Idolmaker kicks off with Baby is a cool melodic sing along with catchy lyrics. It is Bob Dee showing that on every album he delivers the good. Kiss by the light of the moon– It’s a great title for a song. There are some great songwriters who come up with the title first and then the rest of the song. The conversation on this song is a topic for another day.

Ghost In My Pocket– It’s a very 60’s style pop song with a catchy chorus that would make any fan proud. It’s a three-minute pop song that doesn’t fail. This song you have to listen to a few times to appreciate how good the song is. After a few times, the chorus will get stuck in your head and you will find yourself singing it anywhere.

Lost on you– It’s a beautiful piano ballad. On the last two releases, Bob will always surprise fans with something new and different. Bob Dee with Petro shows that he is not afraid to take his music in a different direction.

The cover art of Bob Dee with Petro Idolmaker ends with a cover of Monkees classic Stepping Stone. The song has a mixture of punk and rock. I am sure that any fan of the Monkees would be proud of Bob Dee With Petro’s version of Stepping Stone.

Bob Dee with Petro delivers on Idolmaker. It’s a great EP and every song is a song that you would want to hear live. Bob Dee With Petro continues to add good music and makes us wonder what will he come up with on his next release. It is tough for artists to make albums because of attention span. Making EP seems to be the way to go where with five songs each song gets the attention it deserves.

Idolmaker Credits: Lou Giordano: (Goo Goo Dolls, Live) mix and Alex Saltz (Vampire Weekend, Stryper) Master released through AMG/SONY records.

The Metal Summit Episode 100: Kenny Aronoff

One reply on “Featuring Phil X & Drills, plus Bob Dee with Petro Idolmaker, Also The Metal Summit: Episode 100, with Kenny Aronoff Talks The Boys!”

Every time I listen to Bob Dee’s CD I love it just a bit more. His talent and skill as an artist just keeps evolving and when you think it can’t get any better—— it DOES!


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