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Wayne’s World Director Penelope Spheeris Reflects on Directing the Film

Paramount Pictures is giving the movie Wayne’s World the 30th-anniversary treatment. The movie was released on February 14, 1992, went on to gross $183.1 million dollars at the box office. The film has become popular and remains one of the most popular comedies from the ’90s. The film is going to be released on a limited edition Blu-ray DVD on February 1, 2022. Wayne’s World director Penelope Spheeris. Penelope Spheeris joined The Metal Summit to talk about her career and also reflect on the 30th anniversary of the movie Wayne’s World. A few details that were discussed about the interview was a popular scene almost did not make the Final Cut. Aerosmith was originally supposed to be in the concert scene but was not available, Alice Cooper got the part and gave us the famous scene “we’re not worthy scene” along with sharing some history about Milwaukee. Penelope Spheeris discusses why she believes there will probably never be a Wayne’s world 3.

30 years after the film’s release and the impact on pop culture, we remember the memorable lines in the film “party on” “we’re not worthy, “a sphincter says what”? It was the film that if you were in middle school, high school, or college you probably watched every day for the laughs you would find in the film. It was that film you never got tired of watching, talking about, or imitating. Many of us can remember imitating the scenes and lines from the film.

The 30th anniversary DVD includes exclusive cast and crew interview commentary by Penelope Spheeris. It is an opportunity to introduce this film to a new generation who may have never seen the film Wayne’s World or have never heard of the film. For those who grew up watching a chance relive the memories and enjoy extreme close-up interviews. No one can forget the car scene with everyone singing Queen Bohemian Rhapsody which made the song popular again.

Watching the film again brought back memories. I had forgotten some of the scenes in the film. The film takes us back to the times before podcasts and before the internet. We can’t forget the film was Rob Lowe doing comedy for the first-time playing TV executive Benjamin Kane. There are other memorable characters and scenes in the film. We are all worthy of buying the Blu-Ray DVD and making sure we party on.

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By Angel Alamo

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