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INGA RUDIN: “Lola Montez Front-woman talks music, life, and what’s to come!”

Taking society upon their own terms with zero fear comes Nashville, Tennessee’s Lola Montez.

Comprised of Inga Rudin (lead vocals), Blake Scopino (guitar), and Kurt Pietro (drums) this band have been making waves amongst music lovers by emphasizing a trippy – yet hard-driving sound, no subject matter withheld lyrics, which is complemented by a dynamic charisma that is obviously apparent listening to their latest album entitled “Dissonant Dreams”.

I was overjoyed when an opportunity to speak with Inga Rudin became available. Pleasant like always, she was more than happy to discuss the current developments in Lola Montez’s camp.

Inga Rudin

Mark St. John: What sort of response have you received thus far from “Dissonant Dreams”?

Inga Rudin: “Dissonant Dreams” being more technical than the previous album has been appreciated in so many ways especially by those who can hear the many layers. The vinyl album in particularly really sounded so vibes!  That was super thrilling to release! We were excited to have something physical to look at and feel while enjoying that amazing vinyl sound!  The colors came out amazing!  We are super proud of “Dissonant Dreams” and are looking forward to producing some really fun and colorful sounds!  

MSJ: From what I’ve seen on your website, you guys are already working on new material. Where does Lola Montez receive their inspiration when it comes to songwriting.  

IR: Blake does most of the music production.  He finds inspiration from other artists he is interested in and pulls from previous music that has inspired him. He loves to really dive into learning new skills in production and he never stops!! For most of my inspiration, I like to create a character that really communicates with my audience. I usually write from experiences or something I have encountered or perhaps something we can all relate to!  

MSJ: Nashville, Tennessee is famously known as “the country music capital of the world”. Being said, can that title be a struggle for a metal band in that city?  

IR: Not at all a struggle. If anything, we have a world here in which we can get to know like-minded bands or artists that are looking for the same thing. We also have access to the best musicians in the world!! And THAT is a really great thing!

MSJ: Where did the name Lola Montez originate from and have either fans or critics thought it’s you? For example, many believed that Deborah Harry was Blondie. If so, does it get annoying after a while?

IR: Lola Montez was a dancer and an influencer from the late 1800s. She embodies boldness and creativity!! We love that and thought that would be a killer name. It is funny to be called Lola repeatedly, but I feel like I represent the band so it’s not annoying whatsoever!  

MSJ: How does this band differ from your previous one Naked Beggars?

IR: The music is vastly different as are my vocals. It is more of a character in a story being told. This band is creating a fairy tale that is never-ending.  

Lola Montez

MSJ: As we’re discussing Naked Beggars, many fans were saddened to hear about Jeff La Bar’s passing during last summer. Jeff was also known for playing guitar in Cinderella. What memories can you share and how did his death affect you?

IR: He is always on my mind. Although we would go sometimes months without talking, we were very close for many years. He is missed daily but we take the best of him and remember those times.  It has been a very hard year indeed especially losing a few friends for one reason or another.  I feel like all of this has changed me. I want to make the world a better place and be kind to everyone. We just don’t know what people are going through personally and sometimes kindness can help.  

MSJ: Although the pandemic still has a grip on the world, does Lola Montez intend on touring in 2022?

IR: I cannot answer that question yet, but it is seeming that we will be able to go ahead and play again by late spring and summer! And that is super exciting!

MSJ: So, what goals are left on the horizon for Inga and the boys to conquer? IR: New EPs, NFT releases (sooner rather than later), videos, and summer touring! Welcoming and excited to see new and old friends this year!

To see more of the Lola Montez band checkout their website and follow them on Facebook.

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