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Lit Soul Front-Man: ROB CHEVELLE
“His Career, A New Album, And What’s To Come”

I’ve discovered so many Artists with unlimited potential over the past few years. The latest is Los Angeles, California’s Lit Soul. Comprised of founding member Rob Chevelle (lead vocals & rhythm guitar) along with Ty Dennis (drums), Johnny Fortune (lead guitar), and Kostas (bass), the band has returned with their second release of 2021 entitled “When Hearts Pull Daggers“.

Produced by the legendary Bill Metoyer (whose credits include Slayer, Armored Saint, Fates Warning & Sacred Reich) Lit Soul have stepped up their game and are now poised to conquer the music world. I had the privilege to discuss with Rob Chevelle the latest and what promises to be the most exciting chapter of Lit Soul’s history.

Mark St. John: Rob, it’s been a busy year for Lit Soul with not one but two releases in a period of about six months! Please tell us about them.

Rob Chevelle: Yes, we did! The self-titled album which features a heavier sound was released in May and the second is a 24-track entitled “When Hearts Pull Daggers” which focuses on an acoustic/singer-songwriter vibe. Both albums can be purchased on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and through our website

MSJ: Los Angeles has always been a musical factory that consistently churns out great bands. Everyone remembers -and still talks about the legendary Sunset Strip scene of the mid-1980s. Would you say that it’s just as competitive today?

RC: Absolutely not. I remember during the mid-1990’s it was packed, and the authorities actually had to close down part of the street as a precaution for cars to drive through because so many people would pour out of the clubs and walk onto the road because there wasn’t enough space for them on the sidewalks!

Today most of those venues have closed and the ones which have remained open on Sunset Strip like The Viper Room, Whisky A Go-Go, and The Roxy have resorted to implying a pay-to-play policy. The pandemic has not helped either and due to active cases of Covid-19 in Los Angeles, the restrictions placed on this city are the worst in the entire County.

MSJ: Please tell us about your association with Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P. and what sort of impact did he leave upon Lit Soul?

RC: Chris and I have been friends ever since his drinking days. He played a lead guitar solo on one of my songs titled “Alliance”. I’m also in his documentary which is called “Mean Man”. It’s a great film and strongly recommended!

MSJ: Where do your inspirations come from when it comes to songwriting?

RC: Just whatever I’m experiencing at the time while sitting on my couch with an acoustic guitar. I’ll come up with a riff plus some lyrics which are usually brought to the rest of my band members and we all take it from there.

MSJ: Although we’re still in the grip of a global pandemic, many artists have stated they intend on touring in 2022. Is Lit Soul one of them?

RC: We already have three gigs booked for 2022, but they are confined to Southern California due to us seeking new management at this moment.

MSJ: On the topic of performing, what can the audience expect during one of your concerts?

RC: We try to deliver as close to the album as possible in a live setting by genuinely expressing the emotions of our songs.

MSJ: So, what are Lit Soul’s immediate and future goals from this point onwards Rob?

RC: Continue playing tracks from our most recent albums live and we also have four new songs that are ready to be recorded, along with filming new music videos. We currently have 15 professional videos and tons of live footage on our YouTube page LITSOUL1. Securing new representation is a very important priority like I stated earlier, but most of all we want to build upon our momentum.

Connect with LitSoul on Facebook @LITSOULBAND and Rob.Chevelle

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