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The American post-grunge, an alternative metal band from Louisville, Kentucky formerly known as three-quarters of the group Days of the New reformed as Tantric in 1998. Barely out of their teens when Days of the New was formed in Jefferson, Indiana, these bona fide rock stars experienced band brawls and cancelled tours with singer/songwriter Travis Meeks who eventually ended up firing the whole band. At the time they were cutting their first demos for this same [Tantric] material. The songs had no vocals, but that was soon to change.

Enter Hugo Ferreira a Portuguese-American baritone singer and Massachusetts native fresh out of the band Merge, who was well acquainted with Days of the New after touring with them. Hugo passed an audition and got accepted into the band in March 1999. The newly formed band actually started out calling themselves Carbon 14 (C-14) but later realized number named bands were outmoded so they changed the name to Tantric after Buddhist sexual practices.

Eight months later Tantric’s demo caught the ear of Maverick Records, a deal was struck and the band was able to have the finances to record a strong album with their self-titled debut album in 1997.

In 2004 Tantric had a second studio album titled After We Go which was originally well received. When it didn’t produce a strong single the record began to lose its position on the Billboard charts. The album still garnered notable download sales and singer Hugo Ferreira considered it to be a commercial success.

More albums were put out despite, the bands constant line-up changes throughout the following years. Eventually, by the summer of 2017, all the members from the new Tantric era had departed although Hugo remained the only consistent member.

Having endured over 20 years, the first new album in more than three years “The Sum Of All Things”, released July 23rd 2021 via Cleopatra Records, (See Quick-Tiques.)

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By Kim Sullivan

Kim Sullivan was born in Manchester, NH. Spent the first ten years of her life living in Lawrence, MA, then became a southern girl in the late '70s with a move to Raleigh, NC. Kim has a taste for music that runs rampant, as well as a voracious appetite for live music, usually accompanied by traveling to different states sometimes two in one day to catch a show performance.