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“Adventures of a Pro Drummer”

Ever heard the expression “it’s nice to be wanted”? No one can relate to it more than Ryche Green. Hailing from Maineville, Ohio, Ryche has drummed for numerous performers such as The Bullet Boys, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Bang Tango, Ron Keel, and Pink Velvet Krush -just to name a few!

Undeniably a hard-working and sought-after talent, Ryche is known not just for his skills behind the kit (whether on stage or in the studio) but also for possessing a driven work ethic combined with an aura of professionalism that is consistently present.

He graciously sat down with me on a bitterly cold and snowy day to discuss not only his past and current work, but future goals also.


MARK ST. JOHN: Ryche, you are undoubtedly one of the busiest Musicians in our industry today. Please tell us about some of your most recent projects

RYCHE GREENE: I recently contributed drum tracks that can be heard on the 13 Grit disc “Let’s Hear It For Rock & Roll” but my most recent project is with a band called The World’s Greatest Villains. It’s kind of a Ghost meets Slipknot… you’ll be hearing a lot more about that in the very near future, I promise you.

MSJ: Let’s jump on board a time machine. What inspired you to become a drummer in the first place?

RG: Well, I would say my first introduction to music started on keys in piano. It quickly moved to guitar from there, and then drums. I quickly noticed a difference between the three instruments when I switched to drums. I started getting lines of neighborhood girls outside my house listening to what I was playing, which at that time was Prince, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran – those sorts of records, and that was it… I was a drummer from that day on! Playing drums also helped me release tons of energy, which in return was good for everybody around me.

MSJ: Of all the numerous bands and artists that you collaborated with, is there anyone who had the biggest impact on your career?

RG: I would have to say I took a little something from everybody I’ve been able to share the stage with. Marq Torien was a big one for showing me what NOT to do or how not to act on a daily basis… which ended up being invaluable and very important. I would also have to say sharing the stage with Ron Keel was a great experience as well as Michael Thomas. My all-time biggest I would have to say is Bill Chavis who was my manager and owned the record label I was signed to for many years, and his wife Lori Chavis who was my publicist. I learned so much from both of those people and I’ll never forget them.


MSJ: You’ve recently begun a production company. What qualities do you look for in fellow musicians before taking them on in the studio?

RG: Drive, determination, and willingness to do what needs to be done in order to reach the goal. Lots of times that’s way more important than ability. Ability can be taught and learned; the other not so much. You either have it in you or you don’t. If you need a drummer, co-writer, producer… I can help. If you are just looking for contacts, I can also help with that.

MSJ: In your opinion, are digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify a pro or con when it comes to music sales?

RG: As I see it there’s two sides to that. One, if used for promotion or cross-promotion to be seen and heard it’s a great tool. When it comes to selling and making money, not so great as the pay scale is terrible. I still believe it’s always best to go to a show and pick up a CD directly from the band or artist while you’re there.

MSJ: How about a good road story to conclude this interview?
I’m sure you must have quite a few having toured with so many killer Bands!

RG: Well, I don’t know about funny or interesting, but here it goes. I have a very fond memory of a sex swing on a tour bus in Cincinnati, Ohio that involved 3 guys, 1 girl, and an apple. Pe@CE!



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