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Jyrki 69 – American Vampire | Cleopatra Records

JYRKI 69/American Vampire (Cleopatra Records) This is a solo album of Jyrki 69, the lead singer in The 69 Eyes. According to a bio, I was reading, the band was more glam rock until he joined, and then they went to a more gothic sound. Now I am reviewing this solo album release, and I must say he has a tremendous voice, and he sings with a ton of passion and some anger, but not that nu-metal crap. The tunes on this are big-time catchy and mix goth, new wave, new age music. Hell, this wouldn’t be out of place on MTV’s 120 minutes if you can remember that show. The vocals are the star of the show on this, along with the music you won’t soon forget. Think of a mix of Jim Morrison meeting Pete Steele in a back alley for vocals. He is one of the best singers out there, period. Get this. Info:

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