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Gable Buttered Toast Album Review

The best thing about music is when you discover new music that kicks maximum ass. All of the classic rock bands at one point where new artists were being discovered. How many of you remember the day you discovered your favorite band? I found out about Mark Gable. The first song I listened to was “Don’t give it away .”The song is full-blown kick-ass rock n roll. The music is loud the way that it’s meant to be. I have not heard a harmonica solo, guitar solo, and piano solo in a long time, and it’s refreshing to hear that in the song. If you had to guess what year this song came out, you will not be able to because the song arrangements and guitars are timeless. The tunes could’ve come out in 1977, could’ve come out in 1989, and nobody would notice. The music has a heart and lots of soul. Give Mark credit for staying true to himself and the music he has created in giving fans a good kick-ass dose of rock n roll. Hearing this album is a good sign rock n roll is alive and well.

If you take the song, where are you now and play it at a bar or anywhere without saying it’s Mark Gable, you would say that’s Richie Sambora. The song sounds that good. I am not going to say too much about it. You have to buy the CD and listen for yourself to how this song sounds. “Texan Girls” is another track that doesn’t disappoint. This song contains all Kick-Ass Rock N Roll and no fillers. It’s an exciting rock album to listen to. Mark Gable has his moments where he wants to sound like a blues guitarist, and he has his other moments where he wants to rock out. The Gable Band is a reminder that you have bands who want to be rocking for years and are putting in the hard work to be a great band. The band sounds timeless. A listen to this record you couldn’t tell what year this record came out. When you make a record like this, you will still have the next generation of rock fans discovering this record.

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By Angel Alamo

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