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ELECTRIC SIX “Streets of Gold” Cleopatra Records

Electric Six

ELECTRIC SIX formed in 1996; from what I read and on this CD, the band was out doing cover material and approached to record a release of cover tunes. No songs were off-limits. They fooled around with a Garth Brooks tune, but they quickly dismissed it. The band’s sound is garage rock, sounding band with punk overtones. They aren’t a glam band but play rock in a nasty punkish way. They do a nifty cover of Alice Cooper’s “No More Mister Nice Guy,” too. The singer, I thought, had a good solid vocal for this neat style of the band. Kiss’s “Strutter” sounded good to me. Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies” cut is quite good. They do a tune by David Robert Jones, who I had never heard of, and it sounded good to my ears. They were a pretty cool collection of covers, and they didn’t just pick popular songs either. Check it out.


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