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Cactus, “The Birth Of Cactus” 1970 (Purple Pyramid Records)

Boy, this takes me back to yesteryear, driving around in
my 1960 Impala Chevy with Cactus in my 8-track Craig
Powerplay playing proudly and loudly! Man, this is excellent Hardrock, Boogie Awesome trio style jam stuff; it reminds me of some early “Cream”  (extended jam live tracks). The musicianship is top-notch and kickass! The production is raw and distorted, but this is part of the magic. My fave “Cactus” tunes are here: One Way…or another, Sweet Sixteen, Parchman Farm, Let me swim medley, and more. Six tracks total. If you are a collector,
you’ll want this in your collection. After all, it’s
The Historic First Ever Live Concert from the Rock Legends!