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NashvillePussy “Eaten Alive” MVD audio

How about some pussy, Nashville Pussy that is! Here they are in their best environment, Live! Loud, ear-blasting in your face, shit-Stompin Guitar-driven Punkish Hard Rock with plenty of bite and grit! Opening with their take on AC/DC’s ‘Kicked In The Teeth’ is An excellent opener, for sure! If this doesn’t get you off your ass, nothing will. Includes 18 tracks, with titles like ‘Wrong Side Of The Gun,’ ‘Go Home And Die,’ My favorite, ‘5 Minutes To Live.’ and more. Packed with power chords galore! A few clunkers here and there and some off-key moments. Besides that, this sucker Kick’s butt plus a great addition to your Live Rock and roll collection! And let’s forget Lemmy personally blessed Nashville Pussy, calling them “America’s last great rock ‘n’ roll band.”