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Bob Dee With Petro: Behind the scenes of Baby music video

Bob Dee with Petro has been no stranger to making music videos. The cool thing about a song is that it tells a story where you make a four-minute movie. Bob Dee filmed the second single/video Baby from his latest release Idolmaker. The video was filmed in Brooklyn, NY. I was lucky enough to get invited to the video shoot. Upon arriving could not help but notice how excited Bob Dee was excited to be at work on filming another music video. 

Michael Piehl directed the music video. Michael also directed the Kissed by the light of the moon video. Bob was excited to once again work with him. It is a music video. All I can say is that it is going to be a music video worth watching. Bob Dee with Petro fans won’t be disappointed by the results. The video is being edited and prepared once Bob Dee has a video date release the fans will know. 

It’s good to know music videos are still important in the music industry. Music videos tell a story; it’s a four-minute movie. A lot of work still goes into making the video. The Baby music video was done in a studio room with the rain you see in the pictures. Nothing is done in one take. Bob Dee and Roberta Thompson did multiple takes. Dealing with the rain in video can be a slippery situation. Bob Dee did multiple takes of his performance with the guitar. It does take multiple takes as Bob did the takes more, he got more comfortable with performing the song in the studio with rain and the slippery floor. Bob Dee With Petro still enjoys making music videos. The best thing for fans to do is when the music video comes out share it on your social media outlets. It was a lot of work making the music video. As a fan it was a treat to be there for the experience. 

Bob Dee With Petro Baby music video credits:

Director: Michael Piehl

Crew Member: Jonas Olson

Actress: Roberta Thompson Roberta Thompson ( • Instagram photos and videos

Make-up artist: Lily Montemarano


By Angel Alamo

Angel is co-host on The Metal Summit & has been featured in Metal Sludge, sleaze roxx & other publications.