Here’s an interview with an in-your-face punk bassist JOHN FAHNESTOCK.  Quoted himself 

“I Play a “Mean Distorted” 78′ P-Bass through an Ampeg SVT it’s LOUD and will make your Hair Move!”  What more could you ask for? Dig in…

Marcy:  How old were you when you started playing bass???  Why bass???  

John:  it was around 1987; I originally was a guitarist but switched to bass after my close friend Shannon Larkin asked me to play the bass in his punk band 

Marcy:  Who (or what) are your major influences??? 

John:  Early punk rock and the British heavy-metal invasion.

Marcy: Everyone has nicknames…where did you get your nickname “TUMOR”??? 

John:  From the band Ripped Clit  with Shannon Larkin on the drums. It stems from a song called “malignant tumor.” None of us went by our actual names for legal reasons at the time, as Shannon was signed to Atlantic records with Wrathchild. 

Marcy:  You’re from PA (EAST) but live on the WEST side of the US now….when did you move WEST, and why??? 

John:  I moved to Santa Barbara, California, in 1995 to play bass for SNOT.

Marcy:  You have had a long music career with w/ups and downs like most musicians….you’ve been in various genres of bands. What were the bands you were in??? 


Marcy:  When I think of you or hear your name, I think SNOT….why is that???  Are you best known for your time in SNOT???  Are you the founder of SNOT??? Please share because you’ve been in a lot of bands… 

John:  I guess you think it’s not because it’s the biggest of all the bands that I’ve ever played for. Mikey Doling is the founder of Snot.

Marcy:  What is your favorite style of music to play???  Why???  

John:  I’m a punk bassist at heart it’s always had more sincerity., angst, and genuine emotion. The aggression was more real to me than heavy-metal. 

Marcy:  What were your favorite bands that you played in…???  

John:  Everything I’ve done holds a special place in my heart. I don’t regret any of the bands that I played for. I have always played for the passion of music, not for any money, fortune or fame. 

Marcy:  What was your favorite tour or most memorable one (or a few)???  

John:  Every band had a favorite tour. SNOT was OzzFest 98 AMEN was The Big Day Out in Australia 

Marcy:  You’re a great performer…one of the BEST and most energetic bassists I’VE INTERVIEWED!  You really make people’s hair move (I LOVE THAT!!! :))!  What is it like to be on stage in front of TONS of people who love you and your talents and pay to see you???  Obviously, you want to be the best you can….do you think you’ve given 99% of your best or 100% at all your live performances or at least tried??? 

John:  Honestly, the bigger the crowd, the more I am into the performance. 

Marcy:  Let’s talk a bit about the businesses you own…DABPADZ, KILL YOUR CULTURE, 313 MERCH???  Just share with everyone what you sell, and where they’re located..???  Share whatever you wish about them, and definitely let us know how we can get some bad-ass tees, clothing, etc….??? 

John:  I own the lifestyle brand KILL YOUR CULTURE We are in over 2000 stores worldwide, and I also have my own retail flagship store in Manitou Springs Colorado. You can find me on the Internet at I created the KILL YOUR CULTURE brand in 2003 as a lucrative outlet since the music industry was tanking.

Marcy:  Besides music, your bass, businesses, what other hobbies or interests do you have???  What do you enjoy doing in your free time??? 

John:  I raise 13 Koi fish in my backyard, water garden. I am a graphic designer, a lot of things you see with my brand I either created it mentally, or with my own hands artistically. 

Marcy:  What newer bands or musicians do you listen to and would recommend to others??? 

John:  I am a big fan of the English musician Steven Wilson. And I’m really into the band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, The War on Drugs.

Marcy:  What’s in the future music-wise for you????  In a band??? Working with any musicians, the readers would know in any other endeavors???  PLEASE tell us???  I KNOW we’re all interested in more JOHN FAHNESTOCK bass badness (I am, anyway!)…???  

John:  I am currently working with a band from the UK called THEFTUOUS. 

Marcy:  Rumor, or is there a documentary on SNOT’s live footage, rehearsals, and such in the works (or is there one i don’t even know about???)??? 

John:  Honestly I’m not sure where this is at the moment there was a time when it was being pushed forward and then honestly I haven’t heard much anymore about it. I believe the story should be told, and I am a big fan of music documentaries.