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Doro Pesch talks to The Metal Summit about 2024 touring plans and new album

It is not every day that an opportunity to interview the queen of rock comes up. When the last minute opportunity came up, The Metal Summit could not say no. Doro was a guest on the metal summit. Doro Pesch talked about her latest album Conqueress Forever Strong and Proud  Doro confirmed that she will be out on the road touring in 2024. She spoke about her latest album. 

During the interview, Doral discussed how she and Rob Hartford were able to get together to do two covers on the album, one which was living after midnight, and the other total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler. 

CD 1
1. Children of the Dawn
2. Fire in the Sky
3. Living After Midnight (ft. Rob Halford)
4. All For You
5. Lean Mean Rock Machine
6. I will Prevail
7. Bond Unending (ft. Sammy Amara)
8. Time for Justice
9. Fels in der Brandung
10. Love Breaks Chains
11. Drive Me Wild
12. Rise
13. Best In Me
14. Heavenly Creatures
15. Total Eclipse of the Heart (ft. Rob Halford)

CD 2
16. Warlocks And Witches (Intro)(Bonus Track)
17. Horns Up High (Bonus Track)
18. True Metal Maniacs (Bonus Track)
19. Heart in Pain (Bonus Track)
20. The Four Horsemen (Bonus Track)


By Angel Alamo

Angel is co-host on The Metal Summit & has been featured in Metal Sludge, sleaze roxx & other publications.