The Ballbreaker Column

You can save rock n roll

      September 7, 2014, Gene Simmons made a comment that shook the rock world. He made a comment that rock ‘n’ roll is dead. Everyone had their opinion about the topic, and what he meant by it. Rock ‘n’ roll is not dead, but it doesn’t mean that rock n roll won’t die in five or 10 years. Once upon a time nothing was free. You went to the record store you paid for the album, usually $9.98 for a cassette or $13.99 for a CD. You bought a concert ticket, you bought a shirt and that’s how you support the band and support rock ‘n’ roll. 

     Classic rock radio stations you’re not helping when a band like Extreme, Winger or Judas Priest puts out a new record you won’t play the new song you will just play the classic songs  Extreme put out an amazing record this year six that got rave reviews. None of the singles charted including Rise which 30 years ago Rise would have charted in billboard 100. Classic rock radio should be playing new songs because they kick ass and those songs are going to stand the test of time. Rise will be in Extreme’s set list for years to come. To the rock radio stations, you can help save rock ‘n’ roll by playing the new music that is out there and supporting new bands. Support the other bands that are putting out new music the Kickin Valentinas, the lonely ones those other bands there’s a lot of great rock bands out there. I do see the publicist and record labels pushing new bands and I just want to say thank you. 

    In the 70s, 80s, and 90’s band survived because people were buying the records, requesting the songs on the radio. For bands to survive it’s really up to the fans. We are all music fans whether you do a podcast or a musician. Everyone’s a music fan and we need to make noise call radio stations, Twitter, Facebook and asking them to play the new song by your favorite artist. Promote the shows when they come to your town buy a ticket I understand if you can’t that’s fine but promote the show buy a shirt. Musicians have to pay for their equipment, the instruments, and rent the van gas. If people stop requesting songs, stop buying the records, stop showing up to the shows then yes rock ‘n’ roll will die. 

Rock N Roll is not mainstream but that’s ok. The music is heard all over the world. The major acts can save rock n roll by bringing out new bands on the road with them. Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Def Leppard when you tour the world bring out a new band or two with you so when you retire the next batch of rock bands will be established and continue to rock and return the favor. Where would Metallica be without Ozzy bringing them out on tour, where would Bon Jovi be if KISS didn’t bring them out on tour.

By Angel Alamo

Angel is co-host on The Metal Summit & has been featured in Metal Sludge, sleaze roxx & other publications.