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Access Control with Mark St. John

Gary Atkins of Whiskey Rose One of the Most Promising Concert Promoters in Southern Ontario Today & more!

Like the classic AOR, anthem goes, “Rock and Roll is a Vicious Game.” For many Musicians, the endless hours of rehearsals along with traveling to and from shows on top of writing and recording while maintaining a day job can take an excessive toll and challenge their dedication towards music. So imagine what a pressure cooker […]

By Mark St. John
January 31, 2019

Audio Aggression

The Past, The Future, The Now: Glenn Hughes (The Signals of Intuition Interview)

Our Audio Expressions Editor give us another lethal dose of his ass kicking “Streets of Intuition” featuring an Interview with Glenn Hughes of Black Country Communion, formerly of Deep Purple, Trapeze, Black Sabbath, and many others. Topics discussed include his days with Trapeze, joining Deep Purple, Hughes Thrall, Gary Moore, John Norum, The Hughes Turner […]

By Brandon Wright
November 23, 2016