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Here’s a magazine that might not appeal to everybody. Personally, I do find it to be a rather interesting read. But, it’s obvious that the editor is a christian and the magazine tends to be a combination of information and personal faith, which does give it a unique personality. But, as I sat here reading this from cover to cover, which, yes, that’s what I did, the almost constant refrences to Jesus/Christianity got old really quick. Not that I’m against it or anything because I believe in God, but, personal faith is exactly that…personal…and I feel it should stay that way. Everyone who has a relationship with God, well, what you believe in might be the same thing I believe in. But, how you believe might not work for me and how I believe might not work for you. Now, I really don’t wanna get knee deep in religion here, so, let me make one final point. As I said, I believe in God. I also believe in internet porn as well. Does God and naked women go together…for some of you, the answer is no, they don’t. But, hey, it works for me. So, adding your personal faith into an entertainment publication might not be the best way to go, but, that’s the direction After FX is going in and, hey, if it works for ’em, I’m not about to bash them for it. I do feel that it might limit their reading audience though. I’ve also noticed that there’s a lot of independent magazines that are shying away from poetry, which used to be a big thing in the underground scene when I first got into it. After FX doesn’t shy away from it at all, which I admire. Not that I’m into poetry because I’m not. But, it keeps the feel of the undergound magazine alive and well. There’s also some music reviews to be found here, which is what I tend to focus on. Same with the zine reviews, it’s good to know what’s out there. I should point out that After FX isn’t writing about the same thing all the other zines out there are writing about. In fact, the only familiar I saw in this issue, which happens to be the debut issue, was Michael Monroe’s “Life Gets You Dirty,” which didn’t get a favorable review and, hey, I happened to think that was a great album. Anyway, it should be noted that even though this is the first issue, it’s not really something new. Most people might remember James D. Harvey from KiT’Zine, which he published for seven years. Bottom line here…you’ll either appreciate this magazine or you won’t. I don’t think there’s gonna be any middle ground. It will be interesting to see how this publication grows/changes with future issues. For now, you can look into this issue yourself for a dollar…cash or stamps. 

After FX
c/o James D. Harvey
371 Crossfield Road
King Of Prussia, Pa. 19406

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