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Unearth speaks about their new Album: The Oncoming Storm

Stemming from Massachusetts, Unearth started as a local band playing small rooms and VFW halls. After countless touring and releasing independent albums, the band started to form a strong and dedicated movement of Unearth fans. Inking their new record deal with Metal Blade Records, Unearth released their current album The Oncoming Storm, which has had critical acclaim, constant touring, and reached new fans all over.

While on tour with metal heavyweights, Slipknot, guitarist Buz McGrath took some time to chat with BallBuster. We discussed the band’s roots, their current album, and their brand new live DVD. Next on Unearth’s agenda is the writing and recording of their new album due for release in summer 2006.

Ballbuster: So, how’s the tour going?

Buz: The tour has been great. We are with Slipknot and As I Lay Dying. By the first couple of shows we played, we heard in Toronto the rest of the tour was canceled due to Shawn’s father passing away. Then the tour started again in Montreal. The shows are amazing especially in Canada in front of eight thousand people. Slipknot is huge.

B: What was your background as a kid growing listening to music and playing in bands? How did Unearth come together to what it is now?

Buz: Growing up I listened to hardcore. I saw my first show when I was twelve years old in Boston and saw Sick Of It All. I listened to the Sex Pistols and started going all the time to hardcore shows. My brother was into death metal and Metallica, all of his head banging friends would come over and listen to Master of Puppets non-stop. Unearth started as us playing in other local bands in VFW halls. We had some lineup changes and then we started taking it more seriously. Trevor and Ken were in college when we first started touring and I had a job, it was hard. We made it work and stayed on the road.

B: How was the response been to your current album The Oncoming Storm?

Buz: The response has been awesome. The album has been out for over a year now and we are very pleased with kids loving us. Even at the end of the album cycle, which is where we’re at now, still, people come out and see us. The kids are very energetic.

B: Tell me about the special edition DVD “Live in Long Island,” that was taped at The Downtime in Long Island, New York.

Buz: It’s a new double disc with all our videos, a live show, and behind-the-scenes footage of the writing and recording process. If you’re a super fan, it’s definitely something to check out.

B: What is your fan base like?

Buz: Mostly dudes from age thirteen to thirty-five. There are some girls but mostly guys who want to see a good show.

B: I know that you combine American and European metal with metalcore elements. How would you describe your sound? What is next in the evolution of Unearth’s sound and why?

Buz: We are definitely sticking to the format that we have already but we have heavier breakdowns now. We want to keep the sound we have now because it’s working for us.

B: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now and why?

Buz: I hope to still be with Unearth ten years from now. If I can still be doing this as a career I will be a happy man. I want to continue doing music in some form.

B: What is next for you guys?

Buz: After the Slipknot tour is done, we are going to go home and relax. We are going to start writing the next record and go into the studio soon. Hopefully, the record will be released sometime in the summer.

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