The BRUTALISTS | S/T | Cleopatra Records

What a magnificent piece of ear candy! These guys belong on the airwaves. From the first track to the last track, this record has something for everyone. From rock to pop, street punk, dirty blues, including English pub rock with bits of ska, reggae, also in the mix, this release is begging to hit the charts! Fans of Geen Day, MC5, Status Quo and The Troggs will dig this album. Catchy hooks, Memorable pop tunes, performed by seasoned pros including former L.A. Guns & London Quireboys members. Standout tracks include “Wishing I Was Far Away,” “Form & Function,” and my fave, the rocker “Nutter.” There’s not a bad one in the bunch here folks; I kid you not.

The Brutalists Band Website:
Instagram @thebrutalistsband

– by David LaDuke,


Check this album out upon release August 31, 2018. Will be available on both CD and all streaming platforms, in a special limited edition vinyl pressing with silk-screened jacket!

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