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Bernie Torme

NAME: – Bernie Torme

PLAYING (YEARS): – 39 years(jeez!)

STYLE: very loud, my own way

GEAR: – marshall 100 watt superlead(s), hiwatt 4X12 cabinet(s), electro harmonix big muff (sometimes), fender stratocaster guitar(s).

ENDORSEMENTS: – none on my current driving license. I totally endorse everything I play on and everyone I’ve played with.

PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS: – In Music: releasing three albums with Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) as a member of Gillan, Mr Universe which reached no 11 in the UK charts, Glory Road which reached no 3, and Future Shock which reached no 1. Also UK top ten singles Trouble, New Orleans, top twenty Mutually Assured Destruction, No laughing in Heaven. Chart UK solo album: Turn Out the Lights, kerrang chart solo albums: Electric Gypsies, Live, Back To Babylon, Die Pretty Die Young, Official Live Bootleg, Demolition Ball. Recent solo albums: Wild Irish, White Trash Guitar, Scorched Earth (Live 1999-2001)

Replacing Randy Rhoads temporarily as guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz band at Ozzy’s request, following Randy’s death in a plane crash, until the band was able to find a more permanent replacement. Playing with Ozzy at Madison Square Gardens while I was standing in for Randy.

Playing for years with Phil Lewis (LA Guns, Girl) in Torme, and recording three albums with him.

Touring and recording with seminal heavy rockers Atomic Rooster.

Working and recording with the truly great Dee Snider on his Desperado project.

Silver project with Gary Barden (MSG), Don Airey, etc: two albums released.

Recording many solo/band project albums (Turn Out The Lights, Electric Gypsies, Live, Punk or What, Back To Babylon, Die Pretty Die Young, Official Live Bootleg, Demolition Ball, Live in Sheffield, Wild Irish, White Trash Guitar, Scorched Earth).

Having had the chance to play with some really great musicians along the way: Ian Paice, Tommy Aldridge, Phil Spalding, John McCoy, Rudy Sarzo, Don Airey, Colin Towns, Vincent Crane, Paul Hammond, Mick Underwood, Clive Burr, Joey Franco, and many many others whose names do not immediately spring to mind, in no particular order of merit.

CURRENT & UPCOMING PROJECTS: – New Bernie Torme album currently being recorded due for release early 2004 (featuring Phil Spalding from Mick Jagger’s solo band on bass), a long awaited US tour being planned. UK, European and Japanese dates also planned.

New Silver album “Intruder” due to be released late summer, with Bob Daisley, Colin Hodgkinson, Don Airey, Gary Barden, Michael Voss.

Featured on a track called “Abraxas” on Aussie dance producer Psyburbia’s forthcoming album. Looking forward to doing an album with Psyburbia as soon as time permits.

Coproducing guitars on Antiproduct’s recent album “Made In USA”. Also played on two tracks.

Plans in hand to do an album next year with bass player Phil Spalding and drummer Ian Thomas, both from Jagger’s solo project.

FAVORITE GUITARIST: Jimi Hendrix. And then Jeff Beck.


BEST MUSICIAN YOU’VE EVER SEEN: – Phil Spalding/Ian Thomas


YOUR HERO: – jimi hendrix

ULTIMATE GOAL: – to get paid

CONTACT: – Robert Schaffer ph 914-391-9596


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