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COVENANT “Nexus Polaris” – Nuclear Blast (Vinyl LP)

After a mediocre first attempt, a freshly regrouped and revived Covenant return, backed by a new label to bring us their second greatly prolific offering. The Covenant of 1998 come forth bringing with it new life, for joining original members Blackheart and Nagash are Sverd, Astennu, and veteran Hellhammer to round out the cosmic equation. This quintet has forged a new identity for our eager ears to revel in, casting aside any notion of other involvements of each individual. Covenant seems to have been reborn, for they go about their way far astride the current flow of things. “Nexus Polaris” has an overwhelming aura of class about it, and radiation of sharp darkness lying just out of sight. This album goes far beyond any category, amidst any comparison. The music is layered with brilliant solid riffing, possessing many progressive qualities within its sharp melodies and galloping rhythms. Many elements contribute to this album’s greatness, such as the female operatic vocals that accompany the rich, sinister synth work, fronted by lively vocals which remain interesting throughout, being devilishly high at one point, only to fall deep in the next. The band takes a near-poetic approach in its cosmically-minded lyrical standpoint, seeming to convey this through their musical workings as well somehow. This highly-original musical offering is finally wrapped in an equally excellent package with cover art supplied by veteran underground artist Andreas Marschall. Somehow, this musical experience seems heightened by it being in vinyl format, having more of a visual aspect to focus on while in complete awe. Grimly beautiful and truly awesome!

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