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Guitarist PAUL NELSON Steps Out with “Badass Generation”!

There are not many musicians that can say that they can do it all. I’m very sure of that when you talk to Paul Nelson you’ll know you will never meet another one like him.

Paul Nelson has toured with countless worldwide acts and performed live and or on recordings alongside a list of today’s top artists such as Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Leslie West, Robben Ford, Joe Perry,r and many others

He also fronts his own band having put out a record recently. Paul Nelson produces writes arranges. He plays everything from Blues to rock.

Paul is one of the most in-demand musicians! Always stays busy and always working on various projects.

Paul has had the distinction of appearing as both guitarist and songwriter on Rock/Blues legend Johnny Winter’s Grammy-nominated Virgin/EMI release “I’m A Bluesman” as well as producer/performer on his releases “Roots” and the Grammy winning “Step Back” on Megaforce/Sony. He performed as a musical guest with Johnny Winter on the Late Night with David Letterman Show to promote the “Roots” Album and on Jimmy Kimmel on ABC TV to promote the Step Back CD and Johnny Winter’s “Down and Dirty Movie”, which he also appeared in and was the Executive Producer.

Paul Nelson CD CoverAA: Tell us about the new album.

PN: The new CD is badass generation which is out now. We are looking forward to doing some shows behind the record.
It has been crazy. We also did the movie down and dirty. It was a great comeback for Johnny Winter executive produced it. The documentary pretty much followed us in Japan and China. It has a lot of fantastic footage and it came out several months ago. Johnny Winter took me under his wing.

AA: What other projects have you been up to?

PN: I’m working with Steven Seagal’s band. He is very committed. He loves Johnny and traditional Blues. There is a lot of that going around with actors also doing music.

AA: How do you feel when actors Venture into music?

PN: Getting to know Steven Seagal as a friend I see he has a love for music and they do get stereotyped. You have guys like Kevin Bacon who’s been doing it for a long time playing live and making records. Joe Perry is a great friend of mine and Johnny Depp has been doing a great job playing guitars. Kevin Costner also performs and does shows.

Guitars and AmpAA: Which do you enjoy the most, the studio or performing live?

PN: I love every aspect of music. I love the industry, artist the people. I am constantly working arranging recording. I enjoy the great relationships that I have. Johnny Winter Pass the torch to me working with several artists.

AA: What is the biggest mistake that unsigned artist make.

PN: Overblowing their accomplishments and not being truthful about it. Some have it and some don’t. You can feel it and hear it if they have it. You just can tell. It’s about having the right label and the right management. You have to be ready. I still practice. I’m invited to the table a lot so I’m always looking for artist.

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