DHAMMAPADA: “All We Are Is The Result Of What We Have Thought”

Dhammapada Records

I didn’t get any info on this band other than the fact that they’re from Seattle. I like their style–heavy, groove-laden blues rock with elements of funk and soul. Excellent guitar techniques! The only complaint I have about this 8-song CD is the fact that a few of them are a bit too long and drawn-out. Trim away the excess fat on your next record and you’ll have it made, guys. “Pride” begins with a weird intro and consists of heavy blues rock music bordering on metal with soul/modern-rock vocals. The song “Sweets” is a trippy Motown-tinged number with heavy bass, soulful harmonies, funky-wah guitar—if that doesn’t get you moving, I don’t know what will! “Sister Sister” is a sexy, sensuously slow blues rock number that combines the best of B.B. King, Led Zep and Hendrix sensibilities. “Livin’ In The ’90s” is a rather, sad, moody, introspective ballad concerning just what the title says. The title track is a jazz and new-age combo instrumental with a hint of headtrippy psychedelia. I really like the song “Whatchagonnado?” Check out that guitar solo! “If I Could Fly” is a kind of strange, trippy “relationship-in-trouble” ditty that is not the ordinary fare. Except for the rather lenghty aspect of some of these songs, this is a very enjoyable album.

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