Morbid Angel: Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (Review)

Earache Records

All hail– the true original innovators of death metal are back! So who cares if original vocalist/bassist David Vincent has left to be with and have his Genitorturers, as it were! His replacement, Steve Tucker, growls, snarls and totally stamps his dominating presence on each and every track on this the band’s fifth studio album to date with sheer committed aggression. Once again, guitarist Trey Azagthoth has written all the material on this ‘deathly’ opus plus commendably handled all production duties. As a guitarist, Azagthoth has an excellent grasp of light and shade usually so often lacking in bands of this nature. Not only that, but Azagthoth’s obvious commitment to the whole writing and production process verges on the obsessional! I’m continually told and even consider death metal to be a fast-stagnating genre. But when I hear something as carefully constructed and brutally executed as “Formulas Fatal To The Flesh,” I definitely have to think twice! If you’re into this particular genre of brutality, then for God’s sake, grab hold of a copy now! One destined to go for Gold, I’m sure!

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