Hard Read

“Jim Morrison Ceremony”

Adriana Rubio
Arts Publications

I’m sorry, but, I’m gonna be blunt with this review, especially since I wasted about an hour of my day going through this book. Okay, sure, Jim Morrison is a legend. But, he also drank a lot, he did drugs and he believed in a lot of stupid stuff and that’s what this book is all about. Voodoo rituals, necklaces, magic spells, shamanism, animal power, and zombie dust. Give me a break. What’s next…a book on Tom Cruise and his retarded religion? Hopefully, South Park will do an episode on Jim Morrison. I seriously doubt it. But, if they did, it would be a lot more entertaining than this publication and I would find it a lot more interesting, that’s for sure. Rubio also spends way too much time on some idiot by the name of Gerald Pitts who claims that Jim Morrison is alive and he’s living on a ranch. I’ve seen the website and, to be honest with you, the last time I saw that much shit in one place was when I worked for the sewer department. I hate to break it to you, lady…Jim Morrison is dead…and there’s no secret pact…or whatever the hell you call it…keeping him out of the public eye. Bottom line…I’d have to say that this book is only for the seriously hardcore Jim Morrison/Doors fan…and even that’s pushing it.

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