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Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Gus G.

NAME: Gus G.PLAYING (YEARS): 12STYLE: Heavy Metal!!GEAR: Washburn Explorer CP 2003 guitars, Randall full stack: 2 4×12 cabinets and 200 Watt head, DR Strings: 10-13-18-28-38-50 ENDORSEMENTS: I use Washburn Guitars,Randall amplifiers and DR strings exclusively PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Participated on Yngwie Malmsteen tribute album “A guitar odyssey” in 1999. Released debut album with German power metal band MYSTIC PROPHECY in 2001,entitled “Vengeance”.(B.Mind/Crash Music) Released […]

By BallBuster Contributor
July 7, 2001