Hard Features

SPRUNG MONKEY “Mr. Funny Face”

Surfdog/Hollywood Records

Just when I was wondering what had happened to all the alternative crossover merchants that seemed to be all the rage a few years back, along come Sprung Monkey to riff, twist, rap ‘n’ roll all over the place. From the funky fun of album opener, “Get ‘Em Outta Here” through the melodically catchy “Super Breakdown” to the mainline trashy punk pop-inspired “Going For The Angry,” there really is a hell of a lot to get interested in. “Mr. Funny Face” is actually the band’s third album release and thanks to various contributions by the band to renowned surf/skate/snowboard video director Taylor Steel’s sport boarding films, the lads have gained a substantial audience in Australia. On the strength of this thirteen-track release, the band are surely set to build globally’ on that. Very interesting, very good, very sprung!

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