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Yet another BallBuster exclusive!!! Anyone listening to Extreme Metal in the last decade has heard the voice of Nihilist. Back in the mid-90’s, I wrote the first article on his band THY INFERNAL. Let’s find out what he’s been up to since then, shall we?

BallBuster: Nihilist, you & I met in the early stages of THY INFERNAL. Your infamous first Ep was later added to the now legendary ‘Satan’s Wrath’ CD. What do you recall about your time in that band?

Nihilist: HAILZ Jym!!! Good to finally get a PROPER interview done with you, heh! Y’know it’s been 9 years since THY INFERNAL started since we desecrated the Portland scene & spread our seed throughout PDX! Whoa! I recall us being really cocky & arrogent. Some folks even called us “rockstars”, although we did live the “metal” lifestyle,we were not stars. Maybe more like Kory Clarke in the WARRIOR SOUL classick “Downtown”. Slut always brought the strippers, & the goth chicks. A few of us worked in porn stores with dancers, & they would show up as well. Drugs were always available, thanks to many friends. The shows however proved to everyone how real we were. We were spitting blood since the beginning, & using pig heads towards the end of my duty in T.I., always outrageous though. We opened pretty much every underground metal show for a while there. The recording of the demo was a simple 1 day shot. No big deal. I of corpse think the vox could be better, but so does everyone who reflects upon the old demos they’ve recorded. Hell…Slut,Pazuzu Baphojay,Impalor,G.A. Rapist, & Apocalypse were fun fucking guys to jam with all around till the last few weeks.

BallBuster: We you in the band when THY INFERNAL appeared on GG Allin & Slayer tribute albums?

Nihilist: I recorded the G.G. ALLIN tribute track. That was actually the 1st song THY INFERNAL recorded in a studio as a band. I was out of the band for the SLAYER song recording.

BallBuster: After that you joined WRAITHEN in ’97, right? I thought LORD GORE came first. Please clarify.

Nihilist: A month after getting the boot from T.I. (5/98), I was asked to try out with a new band comprised of members of a band called VEIN. We then named this entity WRAITHEN, & performed our 1st show opening for THY INFERNAL,ANGEL CORPSE & CANNIBAL CORPSE about 2 months later. WRAITHEN was very dark & aggressive razor cold black metal. One day, 3 of us decided to indulge in our death & gore metal obsessions & LORD GORE was born malformed in 1998.

BallBuster: Now, on the first LORD GORE CD, you vocal style was quite a bit different than your ‘Black Metal’ voice. Was that a concious decision since you were now playing Gore/Grind?

Nihilist: Now mind you I only do the high & mid range vocals on the LORD GORE demo & c.d. Gurge does all of the utterly sick low & brutal pig vomit vocals. He is a vocal terrorist, his style is so sick. Just like his personality. heh!

BallBuster: At what point did you Change your stage name?

Nihilist: I’ve always been known as Nihilist, since 1996 as far as I remember. I chose the name Lord Nekro Von Gore-aka: Nekro Von for LORD GORE as I did not want to associate my other “self” in this alternate peversion.

BallBuster: OK, so in 2002 you left both Portland bands to join ABAZAGORATH in New York. Didn’t you move in 2004?

Nihilist: Well, in 2002 I got into it with Gurge & he gave me the boot out of L.G.!!!! Mind you he still wanted to continue on in WRAITHEN with me. I said fuck that. I got a few silly offers thru the internet for the next month or 2. Then like they say, when it rains it pours, I got 2 offers in 2 months!! 1st: I got an e-mail 1 night (June/July2002) from the guitarist of IN MEMORIUM & they had kicked out their vocalist they needed someone for a show in a month. I got the tapes,lyrics,vids. Learned it all & did the show opening for IMPALED. We then decided to record a c.d.,which we recorded in winter 2002. Then I moved up here to Seattle in 2003 for local shows & sexual deviancy. Our c.d. which just recently came out on Moribund records is titled “From Misery..Comes Darkness”. It’s 7 tracks of dark & epic metal & hatred. Around the same time (July 2002), my video tape & music trading pal Leon Holocausto from NJ showed ABAZAGORATH members a few videos of WRAITHEN, & THY INFERNAL. They had just kicked out a vocalist, & we organized a rehearsal/meeting in Oct. 2002. We recorded a demo & worked on new material for the full length c.d. I moved out to N.J./N.Y. in 2004 for the recording,touring,& local show opportunities. All of which occured & were great moments in life I would not trade for anything.

BallBuster: What does ABAZAGORATH mean anyway?

Nihilist: I did not name the band, sorry. Although, from what I have discussed with Nyarlathotep (bassist/visionary) I have created the idea that ABAZAGORATH is everything & nothing. A void of emptiness,dark pleasures, & pain. It dwells in the deepest & darkest area or caverns of the human psyche. Self mutilation will increase chances of meeting this “entity” in it’s truest form. Drugs will also tempt this creature to show it’s face. Although you cannot wish “IT” away after it has been summoned or awakened. BEWARE!

BallBuster: I heard you got to tour Europe with Krieg & Demoncy! What was that like?

Nihilist: An opportunity that I always dreamed of. That ABAZAGORATH answered my dreams & fulfilled them I am greatly appreciative. DEMONCY & KRIEG were both hard working & as decadent as we were. We hit a country a day, except for 1 day off for traveling. Our shows were in: London, Paris, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Vienna, Berlin, & Bitterfeld-Germany. Best shows were in Paris,Belgium,Netherlands, Berlin & Bitterfeld IMO. Steve from Metal Kommand is the one who commanded the tour, he was totally professional. He’s done tours with INQUISITION,KAAMOS,& GODLESS NORTH. It was nice to see a few groupies around too.

BallBuster: What about IN MEMORIUM? Was that just a side project?

Nihilist: Nope, the c.d just came out & we’re working on new hazardous material to record in the future.

BallBuster: I know you recorded one song with BETHLEHEM too. How did that come about?

Nihilist: Well, WRAITHEN self financed a split 7″ with BETHLEHEM (available through me) back in 2002. I have been in touch with Bartsch since then & traded many musical projects with him. He stated that they were having vocalist troubles before I moved out to N.J. & asked if I’d do vox on a track or 2. I of corpse said sure & he sent the materials. I recorded the vocals onto a wavfile from a dat that he sent over. It has yet to be released however. So, we’ll see what happens with it. It was a total honor, being a die-hard fan that I am.

BallBuster: So what about your current bands and future plans?

Nihilist: Record the new ABAZAGORATH full length for Moribund Cult. Work on & record the next IN MEMORIUM c.d. for release in 2006. Work on another WALLS OF LAVA demo. Set up a show or 2 here in Seattle. Just keeping busy & active in the scene y’know?

BallBuster: Anything you’d like to add?

Nihilist: Well, thanks for the int.,& all of the support. I appreciate it. Thanks for spreading the gospel of passionate hatred & nothingness. The word of decadent flesh without boundaries.



G.G. Allin tribute track (1996)
“Satan’s Wrath” demo (1997)
Tribute to Hell track on FMPrecords
“Satan’s Wrath” c.d./e.p. (Moribud Cult) (1998)

“Legions of Wormwood” 1999 demo
Baphomet Records promo 2000 (2000 copies)
“Cult of the 11th Dawn” 2001 demo
“In the Hour of 11:11” cdr comp of both demos (limited to 88 copies)

2 demos (1999)
“Wizards of Gore” Tribute to IMPETIGO (Razorback Records)
“The Autophagous Orgy” 2002 c.d. (Razorback)

“From Misery…Comes Darkness” (Moribund Cult) (2003/2005)

“Samhain Sessions” 4 track demo 2002
“Sacraments of the Final Atrocity” c.d. 2004 (Morbid Wrath/Necroharmonic Records)
Upcoming split with BLOODSTORM (2005)
Upcoming full length on Moribund Cult

“The 11th Hour” 1 song-unreleased

“Sonic Apparitions-Phase I” demo2004
(soundtrack synth solo material)

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