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Interview with Paul Di’anno on “The Living Dead”

By now everyone should be familiar with the name Paul Di’anno. The Original voice of Iron Maiden. Since his departure from the band, he has undergone several different musical identities various bands over the years. Killers, Di’anno, Battlezone and Paul Di’anno just to name a few. As well as a list of tribute albums and compilations.

2006 sees Paul releasing his most powerful album to date. “The Living Dead” is a monumental release for Di’anno. Along with his tell-all autobiography, Paul wants to lay to rest all the rumors that have been accumulated over the years about his time and his leaving Iron Maiden and what he has and is been doing for the past several years.

Currently on a European tour in support of, “The Living Dead”, BALLBUSTERmusic sent some questions over to Paul that were answered via e-mail.

JH: Tell us about the new album, “The Living Dead”.

PD: I recorded most of it in Brazil and a few parts in London and Argentina. It was recorded mostly with Brazilian musicians and written and produced by me. Here is the track listing including the4 CD that becomes free with the CD/album:
1. The Living Dead
2. Mad Man In The Attic
3. War Machine
4. Brothers Of The Tomb
5. P.O.V. 2005
6. Nomad
7. S.A.T.A.N.
8. Cold World
9. Do Or Die
10. Dog Dead
11. Symphony Of Destruction
12. Wrathchild (Live)
13. Phantom Of The Opera (Live)
BONUS DVD: The Story Of Iron Maiden ’79-’81
DVD-Video of: “The Living Dead” on 2nd free disc

JH: It’s been awhile since the last studio release. How was it getting back into the studio?

PD: In hate the studio, so just being there is bloody boring for me, but I managed to get through this and produce one of my best albums to date.

JH: So the overall recording process went well?

PD: Yeah really well, and I am very pleased.

JH: Was there a preconceived idea of how the album was going to be like before entering the studio?

PD: Full of balls and aggression.

JH: What was your inspiration going into the writing process of “The Living Dead”?

PD: Just living in Brazil at the time, brought out all of the inspiration in me.

JH: I’ve rolled through it once now and I must say, wow! Your vocals are off the hook. You’re sounding great. And the band is too. What steps/preparations were made before the recording took place?

PD: None at all. Just went in and made the entire album in 2 weeks including the final mixes. All of the vocals were done over a period of 3 days. I wanted the album to sound fresh and raw, and it is pretty close to what I was looking for.

JH: There is a really cool cover of “Symphony Of Destruction” by Megadeth. What made you decide to do this cover and has Dave heard it yet?

PD: Not sure if Dave has heard it, but I always loved the song and decided to cover it as best as I could, and obviously I do hope that Dave will like it too.

JH: Are there any certain message/messages you want people to get out of the new material?

PD: Just that I am back and never really went away.

JH: I see it was released back in March in Japan. How have the fans been reacting to it?

PD: So far the reaction over in Japan has been phenomenal, and I hope to get out there to play some shows soon.

JH: What about you? Are you pleased with the outcome?

PD: Very please indeed as I am singing the way I feel comfortable and playing the type of music that I love to play.

JH: Tell us about the video for ‘The Living Dead’. Was that all your idea? Has there been any play for it yet here in the states? And the rest of the world?

PD: I have no idea about where it is being played to be honest with you. The director basically took my story and turned itinto the storyline for the video and I am knocked out with how it turned out.

JH: I was scrolling through the website and noticed that over the past few years there have been no shows here in the states. Why is this?

PD: It would take too long to write it all down, but I am currently banned from entering the States and hope to get the situation reversed soon.

JH: Any hopes for any shows here in the near future?

PD: Well yeah of course but it all depends on US immigration’s decision to let me back or not.

JH: Now I won’t get into many Maiden questions. As most anyone remotely into metal should already know most everything (public) associated with you and Maiden. But on the DVD disc that comes with ‘The Living Dead’, the majority of theinterview was on the Maiden early days. Was this your idea?

PD: No it was nothing to do with me and I only answered the questions that were asked of me.

JH: Does it ever bother/irritate you to be asked the same ‘ole Maiden questions over and over?

PD: Quite frankly yes it does because they are the same old questions, so everyone already knows the answers.

JH: So with Maiden doing “The Early Years” tour and playing all the classics, are you seeing a surge of new/younger fans getting into your music?

PD: Basically I seem to be playing to the same fans now for a few years, as I have been playing a lot of the early Maiden songs at live shows for more than 6 years now.

JH: I have not read your autobiography yet. By the reviews, it’s really good and really juicy so to speak. What made you decide write this book? To lay your entire personal life out there for the whole world to read?

PD: It seemed to me that everyone else was saying anything they wanted to say about me, so I decided to tell my own story in my own words.

JH: Is there anything you would like to add in closing?

PD: Yeah check out my new website:

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