Metal to the Core!


Well the year is coming to an end and 2017 will become and gone soon and another year of music is on the books so to speak. Yes, there was some good music and even a few great releases, but for the most part music releases sucked this year.

Now in saying that, I am referring to underground metal releases. Death, thrash, black, doom metal is the kind of music I am talking about. There are just too many bands making the rounds these days and they are releasing god awful music too. I mean we are talking about small labels and they are releasing too many releases at the same time without properly promoting it!


Back in the 80’s you had a handful of independent labels such as Combat, Roadracer, Metal Blade, Noise, Megaforce Records and when they release something 9 times out of 10 it was great or unholy. Now it is 99 times out of a 100 that the release is gonna suck or just be some generic band bringing nothing new to the table.

Just too many bands playing the same old tired, done to death riffs and song arrangements that I have heard countless times. Death metal singers that just growl into the mic with no conviction or style. Thrash metal bands playing all those happy nu-metal riffs or trying to sound like Pantera Jr. with the tough guy like vocals too. Doom metal bands with ten-minute songs that will put you to bed before the first song is even over.

Hopefully in 2018 labels will start to get a bit more picky about what they release and try and spend more time promoting the release too.

As for bands hopefully, they will not just worry about getting “likes” on Facebook and try and write create songs that are memorable and catchy and mean something after the song is done.

Only time will tell and there have been some good to great releases this past year, we just need more of them going into 2018. We shall see and till next column, keep the horns up…

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