ROSE TATTO | “Outlaws” | CD (Cleopatra Records)

Want your ass kicked and knock up against the wall? This disc can do just that it. Track one begins with t

he fist-pumping hard-rocking, “One of the boys.” and wow, do they deliver. Next up, “Sweet Lo.” continues with the pedal to the metal rock and roll mayhem. Unique vocals, Catchy riffs, Solid foundation, though out. Well executed, passionate, and tight. Anyone who likes balls-out Rock & roll will be pleased. Suggested titles or other words, my faves include The guitar-driven ROCK ‘N’ ROLL OUTLAW.” and bluesy “The Butcher and Fast Eddy.”

Mellows a bit and closes with bonus track ”Rosetta.”


11041 Santa Monica Blvd /#703 Los Angeles CA 90025

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