3 Titles from KillSmith, Banshee Child & Stimuli

Killswitch Album CoverKILLSMITH/Halloween (Kachina Records)

by Chris Forbes

Simple, but effective riffing sort of like AC/DC at times, but more of a boogie to it and different style vocals too. The songs are simple but effective and significant time catchy as well. The production is also old school, which was fine by me. The 10th anniversary of this, and it is also the best of so with little info on the band all I know is the drummer is in Alice Cooper, and the group has several other releases. Just good old fashioned rock n roll with a dirty edge to it and if you’re into the old school sounds of rock, check em out.

Paradise Park Album CoverBANSHEE CHILD/Paradise Park (???)

by Chris Forbes

This band is a blues/rock band and they didn’t do much for me. The songs were kind of just there, and nothing stood out or was catchy or anything. The singer seemed to be going through the motions on the mic, and that is what I would say the music is too. The songs aren’t catchy and make you want to tap your feet or even nod along to the music neither. Info:

There are We Album CoverSTIMULI/They Are We (Self Released)

by Chris Forbes

This was just basically boring sort of spacey rock that did nothing for me. The songs have no substance, and the singer also did nothing for me with his voice. Nothing stood out and grabbed me.  This just had me shaking my head back and forth and not up and down. Nothing of value here. Info:

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