Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Don Moore

Name: Don Moore

Playing (years): I have been playing the guitar for a little over 4 years now

Style: Instrumental Rock with a touch of Blues and Metal thrown in

Guitars: ESP Electric Guitars, Yamaha Acoustic/Electric
Cases: Coffin Cases
Amps: Peavey
Effects: Line6 POD2.0, Morley Pedals, Digitech
Strings: Elixir, D*Addario, Ernie Ball, GHS, Dean Markley
Pickups: DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan
Guitar Picks: In-Tune, Dunlop, Fender, Shark Fin, Planet Waves
Accessories: Ebtech, Maxell, Shure, Tascam, TDK, THD

Endorsements: Morley Pedals/Ebtech

Past accomplishments: Having been chosen to be aired on New York’s “The Buzz” 98.9 WBZA- FM’s Unsigned Talent segment and receiving high accolades from the shows DJ’s.’

Current and upcoming projects: Released my debut CD “Axe Attack” Dec 05, 2006. Currently working on my next CD

Favorite guitarist: wow there are so many to choose from. I guess I would have to go with Chris Olivia the former Savatage guitarist. His rhythms were heavy, but his guitar tone was smooth as silk. His solos were so tasteful, and so powerful. I would get lost in thought everytime I listened to them.

Most underrated players: John Norum, Chris Olivia, Warren Dmartini, Joe Bonamassa, Vivian Campbell

Best musician you’ve ever seen: Michael Angelo Batio, George Lynch

Four words that best describe what you want to get across in your playing:Emotion, Passion, Melody, Inspiration

Your hero: My hero’s would have to be my parents. They have always remained strong, no matter what situation came along for them to deal with. That strength has help make me who I am today, and continues to give me the confidence I need to keep pushing forward, and never let anything keep me from accomplishing my goals.

Ultimate goal: To be able to make a living doing what I love. Utilizing my music skills and creativity and along the way inspire kids to become involved with music.


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