Haunted Happenings

Jeff Scheel (Gravity Kills)

“I had a friend in high school who lived in a house haunted by the spirit of a little girl. Occasionally, she would manifest herself. One or the other of us would see her. We’d never see her at the same time. We always described her the same way, she had very light brown, blondish hair. We’d usually see her passing down the hall between where all the bedrooms were in the house. We didn’t see through her or anything, we’d always catch her out of the corner of our eyes. If you were actually looking down the hall you’d never see her. If you were standing by the entrance of the hallway and you were looking at something else, she’d pass by the corner of your eye. We had tried to verify it. But, nobody could ever verify that there was a death in the house or any other strange happening that would cause a spirit to hang out. Also, for a while, I had this dark figure coming to the end of my bed at night. I don’t know if I was awake or dreaming. I finally just told it to go away and it did.”

If you experienced anything out of the ordinary, at home or in the studio, on the road, at a gig, drop us a line at and tell us about it. No, they don’t have to be bloody, gory or of Stephen King novel proportions. Strange, weird, coincidental or unusual will do…and if you wish to remain anonymous, that can be arranged. Until next time…happy haunting!

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