Haunted Happenings


“I stay in haunted houses and inns frequently”

I saw a ghost in the back seat of my car while driving alone in New Hampshire many years ago. After doing “research” I found out it could have been two types of apparitions. One is a ghost that has to complete a particular trip or “mission”. Someone meets an unexpected death while trying to get to a loved one and can’t move on until the trip is completed for example. Another is a “hitchhiker ghost”. This type of spirit is seen regularly for similar reasons. My ghost was in the back seat for about 20 minutes. He got out at the Tilton exit off of Rte. 93. I could see through him but could also clearly see he was wearing a ring and a herringbone coat and had a beard.

I stay in haunted houses and inns frequently as I want to see another ghost. So far only one poltergeist that threw a potpourri across the room and an “entity” that put intense pressure on my chest and throat. I have a spirit in the house I live in that moves stuff around when I am not home. Twice in the last 8 months, it has called out my name. Once in a whisper and once in a normal speaking voice.

This Saturday I am playing a haunted courthouse in Kingston RI where there is an active ghost. It’s a Halloween Gala and I plan on spending the night. The ghost has been seen by staffers as recently as a few months ago. Wish me luck!

If you experienced anything out of the ordinary, at home or in the studio, on the road, at a gig, drop us a line at and tell us about it. No, they don’t have to be bloody, gory or of Stephen King novel proportions. Strange, weird, coincidental or unusual will do…and if you wish to remain anonymous, that can be arranged. Until next time…happy haunting!

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