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BOB DEE Releases six-track E.P. “Stun Gun!”


the summitBob Dee went to upstate New York to work on his latest release, six songs, E.P. Stun Gun. Bob Dee released the first single massive guitar-driven Down, which is different from any of the material he has done in the past. Stun Gun was supposed to be followed by a world tour and another release from the E.P. The E.P. combines a right mix of heavy rock songs and a few ballads showcasing Bob’s vocal range and ability to write great music. I will give Bob Dee credit; he is not afraid to try something new or take his music in a different direction. Although only six songs, the E.P. makes us excited about what he may do on his next release. I have never been the biggest fan of E.P.’s. Stun Gun hits the mark. A record worth buying. I highly recommend it. 2021 Bob Dee plans to hit the road and make more music videos.

Bob Dee appeared on the metal summit where he took fan questions and talked about the E.P. While speaking on the metal summit Bob Dee with Petro announced the next single of Stun Gun E.P. Monkey on my back would be the next single to be released. Bob told me soon he would be shooting a music video for Monkey on my back.

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By Angel Alamo

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