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CHUCK WRIGHT’S Sheltering Sky

Chuck Wright (a bass player for Quiet Riot and who played alongside Slash, Alice Cooper, and others), has released a release to help out the victims of Ukraine. Let me start by saying that it is for a great cause. This incredible record will take you on many rides, and I love the vocals on this as there are different singers on different tracks, from the male to the female singers, and the songs performed with passion and melody. It’s not funny. I am a sucker for a good hook, and omg, does this have a ton of them. This album will take you for a ride you won’t want to get off; I can promise you that. The production allows everything to flow perfectly, and every song is different, but that hook is still there, and the vocals will suck you in deep! Incredible job by him and every single musician on this. Check out the video below for starters.