Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Martin Behr

Name: Martin Behr

Playing (years): 19

Style: Shred, Rock, Fusion

Gear: Mainly Ibanez Guitars, Fender Strats, ADA Preamp, Rocktron Effects, Marshall PwrAmp, Marshall Cabinets, Mesa Rectifier, V-Twin, Laney 30W Combo, Ibanez Pedals, Takamine, Aria, and Ovation Acoustics

Endorsements: Local Music Store

Past accomplishments: Two Solo CDs available on GuitarNine, Various CDs with different Band / Projects, 2 Soundtracks, Regular Columnist for GuitarNine, Various Columns for Guitarapalooza and the Shredzone, Guitar Instructor since 1999, own analog 24-track studio “The Jungle”

Current and upcoming projects: Currently working on third solo CD – release in 2004

Favorite guitarist: Too many to name but all-time favorites include George Lynch, Al di Meola, and John Petrucci

Most underrated players: Some Studio Musicians like Michael Landau who can get their stuff down in a few minutes with a fantastic sound

Best musician you’ve ever seen: Al di Meola, there’s not one single note he doesn’t play with passion, grace, and fire.

Four words that best describe what you want to get across in your playing: Excitement, Energy, Emotion, Life

Your hero: Different people have different strengths. There’s no overall hero – I’m trying to combine the qualities that are most important to me.

Ultimate goal: Being able to do whatever I want.



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