JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE (Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes) -Dead Line Records

Great White was one of those bands during the whole “hair metal” era with a couple of hits (Once Bitten Twice Shy), but never really broke it big like Motley Crue or Ratt or Poison. Along with such bands as Slaughter, Trixter, Firehouse, and others, they just never had that big breakthrough. Now, why on earth do an acoustic release from Jack when it’s not even Great White as he left the band in 2011 and has been touring with the above name. Look when people go see him live or the other “Great White” they wanna go hear the band play the “hits” or songs they remember from the “hair metal” era, not a bunch of acoustic stuff. I found this boring and unlistenable due to if I want to hear these songs, I much rather listen to them live in their original form. Hell, a live release would have been a million times better than this crap. Info:

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